Build a video view audience

Are you frustrated with your Facebook ads? Are you frustrated that costs keep rising, that you can’t quite figure out the perfect ad or ad strategy so that you can keep using it and grow your business?

Well today I’m going to talk to you about and share with you the perfect Facebook video ad strategy to grow your real estate business quickly.

This is the exact ad strategy I am currently using and it is part four of this four-part business growth system in a box series that I’m giving you. It’s the exact strategy that I’m using and I’m growing from it, that I’m growing the ad strategy from it but I’m also growing a business. Our list is growing, our engagement is growing, everything is working beautifully.

It’s coming along like a beautiful machine. And I’m going to walk you through how to leverage content you’ve already made, things you’ve already done in parts one, two and three. I’m going to walk you through those so you can now leverage them in ads.. Now you can put some money behind something that works, that you know is going to help you grow.

So today is part four of the four part series that I have been doing all of this week.

Part One

The first part was gather, gather your data, set up your format, get yourself batched and ready to go for your lead generation.

The power in batching is insane. It makes it so much easier to keep doing things and the reason that I am able to even come here today when I know I can’t be here live at 10 am with you, so I’m here at 6 am with you recording this. I know I can’t be there but guess what?

The content…..I already had the content written out. I already had the questions that you’ve asked so far. I already had it planned and outlined so that I could come right to you and answer your questions.

You need to do that for your own business, for your own people, for your own tribe. That was part one.

Part Two

Part two is create the outlines, create the content so do your outlines in batches, do a whole bunch all at once. Once or twice a month I literally go through all of the questions and I just power outline things, boom, boom, boom, boom.

And, here’s the best part. As you are delivering stuff like I’ve been doing all the 10am live show with you, when you ask questions in the comments, you’re actually, you’re asking me questions and we are having conversations and you are triggering ideas.

It’s like “Oh! I could do that one for you,” or “I could do this one for you,” or “I can help you with this, I can show you what I do with to see if I can help you.”

We are all different. We all have different routines. We have different ways we like to do things, however, if we are not doing the things that are actually going to move us forward it doesn’t matter what things we are doing. We are just doing things.

So we need to make sure that what we are doing is focused so make sure you are creating your content and you have it all ready. Prep yourself up for success. I call it “setting up your environment.” That includes your office but I’m talking about setting yourself up so that there’s really nothing left to do except deliver your content, deliver the answers, help the people.

Part Three

Number three is the repurpose strategy which I talked with you about yesterday. Repurpose with a purpose and a plan for future growth and I walked you through all of that. If you have not seen this video, just pop over and watch all these videos right on the page and I give away all my outlines, all my checklists, etc, that I’ve been using.

Today, today is expand. We are going to expand with a strategy. We are going to put money behind what we’ve been doing but we’re going to do it with forethought and we are going to do it with a very specific, focused strategy, okay?

This is about your Facebook ad strategy. You can expand this. Currently I have not for our business but you can expand it. You can expand it to a Youtube ad strategy. You can expand it to a Google ad strategy. You can get all those layers in but start with one thing and move out, build layers onto your business. Start with one focus.

When you have mastered it and it’s going and you can outsource as much of that as possible and go to the next one, then the next one and the next one.

Do not try to do it all at once!

That is where you fail.That is why you are all overwhelmed. That’s why you’re just like “bah! What do I do? There’s this new CRM and there’s this vendor doing this and this new top producer says I got to do open houses and I hate open houses but I gotta do them!”

That is why you are so overwhelmed because you are not focused on your thing that you know you are building out.

It’s really, it’s really easy to focus and grow your business when you know your path, when you know it. And I think that’s what why a lot of you aren’t sure what’s next. You not sure or you don’t like what’s next. There’s that too. We can talk about that later.

Part Four

Alright, so today we are going to dive into step four which is your Facebook ad strategy, specifically for these videos.

There are two goals that you have with your ad strategy:

So, two goals with your ad strategy- goal number one, You have to remember that your goal with this strategy is not “put the ad out, get a phone call.”

There’s too many steps in between there. You can’t just stick an ad out there and expect a phone call. Well, you could but it would be very, very few but if you want to be able to grab people, kind of net people into your circle and then nurture them so you get more phone calls, so you get “come list me” calls, not this whole blather about “you got to get to the lead in the first thirty seconds because if you don’t, you lose a hundred,” whatever those stats are.

I hate those stats. You want to know why I hate them? Because they are ridiculous. They are unrealistic. We have a life to live. We want to be something besides used car salesmen, right?

So I’m going to show you how to bring people into your community and not have to respond to them in the first thirty seconds but you’re going to build a relationship with them and so when they do call, they will call you with intention, they will call you with purpose and they will call you and say “come list my house.”  

I call those “come list me” calls. That is how we ran our business. That is how we were able to close on over four thousand transactions in less than eighteen years.

There is a reason why I teach this because you don’t have to be a used car salesman You do not have to be controlled by your lead generation. You can control it.

Get Cold Traffic

Alright, so, two goals. The first goal is to get cold traffic – people you do not know who have had no contact with you. You want to get them to watch at least some of your video.

That’s the first goal.

That’s it. It’s super, super easy and not three seconds, not just pop up in their feed but you want them to actually stop the scroll and watch ten seconds, twenty-five seconds, ten percent, twenty-five percent of your video.

You want them to at least start watching. My goal is always ten percent initially. That’s always my goal but you want to get cold traffic to watch your videos, at least some of your videos.

Why? Because you want them in your video view audience. So your first goal is to get cold traffic into your video view audience. Yeah, on Facebook.

Get Warm Traffic

Goal number two. So goal number one is cold traffic, goal number two with these Facebook video ads strategy is to get your warm traffic, people who have visited your website, who has been on your email list, people who are page likes, people who have engaged in your page and have watched any one of your videos. You want to get that warm traffic to go deeper with your videos.

So you have two audiences here, you have cold traffic and you have warm traffic. The first one is just to get them into your video view audience. The second one is to get them to go deeper. Two audiences, alright?

Here’s the actual layout of the strategy, okay?

Caption Your Videos

Number one…you have your full videos remember from yesterday, I talked about full videos and I talked about snippets so you have your full videos so the very first thing that you want to do with your full videos, you want to caption the replay. You need to get it in captions.

Now, I haven’t been very good about that s but the last couple of days that’s been on our “yes, we’re doing this, yes, we’re doing this, yes, we’re just doing it.”

We weren’t doing it before but now we are. Caption the replay because some astronomical percent more people watch it when it’s captioned because they don’t watch it with sound on than who watch it with sound on.

So caption your replay is number one. Facebook does it automatically for you. If you are doing this as an ad, Facebook will do it automatically for you. You can run through and check the captioning and go for it or you can use your transcription which might take a couple of days to do or you could pop it over to YouTube and have it transcribed. There’s all kinds of different ways you could do it for free but Facebook will caption the replay for yo so caption the replay.

Run Full Videos To Warm Traffic

Number two step on your full videos. You want to run your full videos to warm traffic, okay, for a dollar a day and I just basically run it to warm traffic and then I just exclude anybody who’s seen at least twenty-five percent of that specific video, okay?

This is because I don’t want them to have to watch that same video again. Nothing more frustrating than getting the same thing in your feed all the time, thank you Facebook algorithm but you don’t want to do that.

So here’s the thing. If you do not have warm traffic right now so that the exception to the full videos is, if you do not have warm  traffic, if you don’t have a lot of page likes, if you don’t have website visitors yet that you pixeled, if you don’t have an email list yet, if you don’t have video view audiences yet, you don’t have any page engagement audience, then go ahead and run this to cold traffic.

I have done this, absolutely, and I still do it with some of my videos so just a dollar a day, super cheap, right? Super simple, just kind of start getting it out there, a dollar a day. Don’t exclude anybody except Realtors on this one so just a dollar a day, super easy.

Check Your Results

After you get fifty results in your ad, from your ad, so after you get fifty results, Facebook’s like “okay, your learning period is over, we’ve adjusted, we know where this is going in the algorithm, we know how much this is going to cost.”

After you’ve gotten your fifty results and you have several Facebook ads running you just close out the lowest performing ones and not only that you use those as guides to go “Okay, people want more of this” or “I did a better job writing that headline” but you use those as guides.

Caption the replay, run it to warm traffic, people who have seen less than twenty-five percent of that video but they are warm traffic. Remember that.

So a dollar a day and then, if you don’t have warm traffic, run it to cold traffic at a dollar a day. So remember that’s cold traffic. Just exclude Realtors. That’s all.

Then after fifty results compare it to your other videos that you are running for the same thing, for the same audiences and turn off the lowest performing one, the highest cost. Turn off the highest cost one but only after you’ve gotten fifty results.

You cannot compare to anything else until you’ve had the fifty results. Facebook wants to see fifty results in seven days to give a good feel for what it’s going to take cost wise and what your returns are going to be in the algorithm. So that’s the full videos, alright?

Video Snippets

The next piece are the video snippets. The video snippets are a little bit different. You want to caption them, These are an absolute must caption, must caption these video snippets. Then your primary goal with your video snippets is to run these to cold traffic for a dollar a day and exclude your page likes so they don’t actually see this, okay, in this audience.

Now these video snippets are less than sixty seconds. Remember, I talked about them yesterday. They are less than sixty seconds so that you are going to have people who actually watch because they are so short. They are going to watch higher percentages of them and that is your goal. That is your goal. So these are all going out to your cold traffic.

Your Goal Is To Get Video Views

Now, you can do a secondary campaign to your warm traffic but honestly, the video snippets work really, really great for cold traffic capture. They’re short, they’re sweet, they’re to the point and they help you build your video view audience.

That’s your goal is just to get video views because you can run ads to those video views, okay?

After fifty results, check and compare. I have several short videos that I’m running that I pretty much run all the time and like I’ve never even had to turn a couple of these off. One of them just did not perform as well and I think it was maybe the title that I used etc. and I’ll be revamping that one but here’s the thing, you want to compare and look and see – is it the title, or is it the content?

Most of the time for you it’s going to be the title because most of you have not worked on copywriting and you don’t understand that piece.

So, again, if you comment here, I will give you the link to these notes later today or tomorrow, but also, I will give you a link to this, it’s called a headline analyzer that I use. It’s amazing and it helps and when I use it and I really get the rankings up on the headlines you click through and come and watch and listen. So, it works, okay?

Respond To Comments Daily

Also, on both of these ads, all of these ads, every single one of them, you must go in and respond to comments daily. You must go in and respond to comments daily.

So you need to set yourself up. I would literally just plug these ads into a bookmark, not have to go through all of my Facebook ads manager to find the ads. I would plug them into a bookmark because Facebook’s not going to notify you every single time someone comments on them. I don’t care what notifications you have turned on. They don’t do it. It’s very frustrating but they don’t.

Bookmark it and then just open that bookmark. Every morning you open the bookmark, go through and respond to all the ads. Make sure no Realtors are doing the sleazy scammy, salesy thing and popping their own information in there, stupid, I don’t even know why they do that but I’m like “hello! Who would ever want to do business with you if you do that.” You have had that happen. I know you have. You just delete them and ban them.  

But you go through and respond to all the other comments. Respond, respond, respond, click like and reply, etc. You must respond to your comments daily on these ads.

Must, must, must, okay?

Once you get a lot of ads going, it seems overwhelming. That’s why I say use the bookmark option.

Let’s Recap This

So let’s recap this. You have one goal basically and one goal only and that is to get video views. You want video views because you can run ads to these videos views. So your goal is video views but goal number one is to get cold traffic to watch your videos.

Goal number two is to get warm traffic to go deeper with you through your video. Okay, so we have both the capture into the video view audience and then we have the nurture so we have both of those things remember, capture and nurture.

You are going to work on your audience and nurture your audience and you are also going to capture your audience, Yeah create an audience okay so remember that’s two goals but they’re all video views.

And remember the full videos. The full videos and video snippets; always caption the replay. Always, always, always caption it. Super easy like I said.

Facebook does it for your for free and for your full videos, run them to warm traffic. If you do not have warm traffic yet then run them to cold traffic. That’s okay.

After fifty results compare your ads to see which ones are performing the best and which one’s just suck and get rid of the ones that suck but figure out why the suck.

Is it the topic?

Is it the headline?

Most of us always assume that “oh, nobody is interested in this” or whatever- most of the time it’s the headline, most of the time that we can’t get people in and secondly, it might be, you might be boring on camera. I mean I’m always like “am I boring on camera?” Probably for some of you I’m boring but for others of you who desire the information, you’re my ideal client. You’re my ideal person that I can help, that wants to be helped. Awesome, that’s what I’m looking for!

So you kind of can see there’s a lot. We’ll do another video on that, on how to determine which one is which.

For the video snippets, those go to cold traffic. Remember, everything’s a dollar a day. You can pump this up but you need to be running multiple videos. You’re going to be doing multiple videos over time. I’ve got ten videos running, something like that. I usually have ten to thirty running at any given time. That’s a dollar a day for each video so anywhere from ten to thirty dollars just for those video ads. Not including my opt-in ads, not including my other stuff, okay? So that’s what those are.

You want to make sure that you are running these. These are amazing.

When you do this, it actually reduces your cost for your opt-ins. So then what you do, you run an opt-in ad to your warm audience. That’s an extra little bonus for you.

That’s what I do. I learned that from some of the best. It’s amazing how inexpensive my cost is because video views are very inexpensive. It builds a nice, warm audience. The warm audience responds especially when you’ve been nurturing them with more value. They want what you have to give, absolutely.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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