Are you using these steps?

Do you struggle with being consistent with your real estate lead generation? Maybe even not knowing what to do or when to do it and how to do it or what works the best or what’s most effective?

Well, it really helps when you set yourself up for success in your lead generation. When you set yourself up for the fast and easy “get it done” way…..

We are going to talk about how to stop struggling with your real estate lead generation and how to set yourself up for fast and easy, a fast and easy process to get it done and I pretty much want you to get a lot of joy from what you’re doing.

How Did This Whole Series Start?

So this whole series that I’m doing this week, it all started when I shared my repurposing strategy, my repurposing process in my video coaching group.

Now I am video coaching, live stream coaching with Live Streaming Pros. I highly recommend Live Streaming Pros.

They go really deep, like super techie, all this kind of stuff, and I’m just  really trying to make my time with you more user-friendly for you because I know Facebook’s got all the different tech and all that kind of stuff going on but I want to make sure that you are getting what you need and it’s being delivered to you in a way that you can watch it easily.

That’s why I am with Live Streaming Pros and Coaching.

But I shared my repurposing process and that's actually going to be tomorrow's video for you and I shared it with her, with Live Streaming Pros and she’s like “would you be a guest on our show?”

And I’m like “absolutely, I’ll go be a guest on your show!” And while I was a guest on their show and sharing it, they said “this is like a business growth system in a box.”

They used those words and I was like “oh okay, yeah it is and so my brain started expanding it and I was like “how can I shape this for you and share all of this for you.”

Do You Struggle With Consistency?

And so that’s why we’re doing this four step process for you because here’s what I found- I really struggle with consistency. I don’t know about you but I really, really struggle with it.

I’ll have days and maybe even weeks where I’m really good with it, whether it’s consistent in my eating, in my exercise, in my morning routines, in my evening routines, in my lead generation. It doesn’t matter. I’ll struggle with consistency.

If you struggle with consistency- tell me what you struggle with the most, whether it’s lead generation or not!

But anyway, I struggle with consistency. I have my entire life. A lot of things come, some things, not a lot, but some things come fairly easy to me but only to a point, right?

So only to a point. So I get to a point where “oh, I actually have to put in the practice to get better.” That’s where I struggle- that’s where the consistency struggle, when it gets uncomfortable, when it gets where I have to put more work into it.

And so I’ve been trying to really figure out ways, in my own personal life, how I can up my game and in a lot of areas but right now it’s in Leads and Leverage and in helping you how can I up my game?

And then I started to asking myself the question- where are my gaps and what am I doing to stop the process?

Okay, so what am I doing? Because it’s me, it’s obviously me. It’s not anybody else’s job to make me consistent which kind of sucks because I’d really like to blame other people for it but it’s me, it’s me that does it.

And I’ll tell you right now, that having an “accountability buddy,” it doesn’t do anything because they struggle with consistency too. And it’s not their job to make sure I’m doing what I’m doing and it’s really easy for me to come up with excuses to them, etc.

So, I was really looking for those ways that “what can I do so that it’s easier, so that it’s faster, so that I just don’t even think about it?” which is one of the reasons why I really like the Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins which is one of the reasons that I like routines and processes and checklists!

We’re going to talk about this today because checklists help because when you don’t have to think about what you are going to do next or decide what to do next it gets so much easier. It really does.

The Creation Process

So today is day two of this and we’re going to talk about the creation part.

This is, for me, this is where I was struggling the most.

Now, I think, that a lot of you maybe even time block yourself and you’re like “okay, I’m going to do my lead generation now” and then you get there and you are like “okay, well, my desk needs cleaning.” So you clean your desk. And “oh look, my desktop needs cleaning” and “oh look, there’s a Facebook notification” and “oh wait, what? You need help?” and go okay.

Story of my life right now! It’s all the time!

So I’ve been working on it step-by-step, setting myself up for success. I will never be successful if I don’t actually set my environment up.

And people are like “well, your environment”, well you know “make your office pretty.” My office is not pretty but it’s going to get there but I’m thinking more along the lines of “I want things that kind of make me, rather than climb a ladder, I’m kind of walking down steps.” So instead of feeling like I’m climbing constantly, I want it to be easy so that’s what this four  video series is.

Let me kind of recap what we have been doing.

Gather Up  & Batch Your Content

Yesterday and because of that video interview that I did, I was inspired to create this for you so yesterday we talked about gathering, gather your data, set up your format, get your questions all set up.

Not all for the same day. Get the stuff that you need not just for the same day but batch that sucker, get a lot of stuff up there so that you just really have no excuses as far as “well, I don’t know what to say on that email,” or “I don’t know what to put on that postcard,” or “I don’t know what to go say when I go door knocking.”

Batch the suckers up! These is not script stuff. This is actually getting real world problems and questions and gathering them all so you already know what you are going to do, what you are going to say, how you are going to do it, okay?

That is the gather piece. That is the gather piece we talked about yesterday so you can go to yesterday’s video and watch that.

Creating The Content

Today we are going to talk about create! So it’s gather, create, repurpose, expand. 

Now, when it comes to any type of lead generation, not just Facebook, That’s what we’re focusing on today not just Facebook, not just door knocking, not just direct mail, any type of lead generation – it has to be created. It has to be made.

And here’s the piece that I’m talking about – I’m not talking about the graphic design. I’m not talking about the layout where you can literally spend hours of your time worried about what your newsletter looks like or what your postcard looks like or that your video is perfect.

That’s not what I’m talking about. Some of that stuff you gotta let go.

What I’m actually talking about is the real content, the real stuff that connects you to people, the real help, the real stuff, okay?

So “the stuff,” that’s a great word for it, right? I believe every single business should be doing this. I’ve had success in multiple businesses, not just real estate doing it this way and I got to tell you – you need to do this.

You need to create content.

I know that we hear all about this “whole creating content, creating lead magnets, emails,” and we want to outsource all of that crap because we are all like “what does that even mean? I’m not a writer. I don’t want to be on video. What does that look like? I don’t have time.”

So here’s the thing- if you are in that cross, if you are in that realm, here’s the thing, if you are not out there intentionally creating and building relationships, your business will fail.

It’s that simple.

And what that means is that you gotta get “this thing” out there. It can be on a handwritten blog, it can be, it’s better if it’s on video, it can be on postcards, it can be in emails, it doesn’t matter but you cannot have someone else write what should coming out of your mouth.

Not at all.

That is sales crap and nobody cares about it. They don’t listen to it. We’re overwhelmed with noise! What we need is value. What we need is real relationships.

So how do you do that? You have to create content.

That’s what this four- part process is that I’m telling you. Yesterday was gathering the real problems that they have and don’t go to…. On that topic from yesterday, don’t go to Google and say “what questions do people have about buying and selling real estate?”

No, no, no, no, no. I want you to actually listen to your real conversations.

Record Your Real Estate Conversations

In fact, I thought about this this morning. I want to challenge you to actually use your phone and voice record every conversation you have, record the whole dang thing, every conversation that you have about real estate.

And then go back, spend some time and go back and listen to those recordings and listen to the questions that are being asked and listen and look for the underlying questions, the questions that they’re really asking  that but maybe not asking, if that makes any sense.

Write Down Notes

Listen to what your brain is saying when they are asking questions. Is that a new question? For example I was here, I got to explain this and I was here, like outlining today’s, what I’m teaching you today, I was outlining it, right?

And as I’m outlining it, I’m like “oh gosh, you know I have this outline for my live streams. Should I share that today?” And I’m like “no, actually that needs to be a whole different video because I do, I have an outline so I know what structure to follow and I’m like “no, that needs to be a separate video so I’m writing that down going “that needs to be another video that I need to do” so do a video on the structure of your live video using my outline above. I just wrote that note in so I knew that I had a future training with you.

And then another one. I was on Live Streaming Pros. I was on their show and they were talking about transparency and authenticity with your audience. Are you going far enough? and I was like “ oh dang, I need to talk about that with my audience. I need to share that” because you know, we’re the industry of “transparent” and “authentic,” right?

We need to talk about that so I wrote that down and then I’m like also, they’re going through somebody trying to steal their content. I’ve got somebody stealing my content. And  I’m like “oh, wow, should you be flattered when someone copies you?” I’m reading my notes right now.

That’s another video we are going to be doing, probably next week.

So you have all of these different things because you deal with it. As a real estate agent, maybe you are afraid to share what you are doing with other people because you are afraid that they are going to steal it and people can tell you all they want that people aren’t going to copy- they do, however, we are going to do a video on that.

But the point of this is to get you into the mode so that every time you have that thought, write that down. Everytime you hear that conversation or hear that question, write it down.

Use Evernote on your phone. Get an iWatch and use it on your watch. Use Evernote on your phone. They have a little voice option, use your voice notes, it doesn’t matter. And if you find yourself not actually transcribing or listening to those voice notes, send it to Rev or Speechpad and get the stupid thing transcribed so you’ll look at it and pull it out.

Where Are Your Stop Gaps?

You need to figure out where your stop gaps are, where you’re stopping the process from happening and that has been my goal this year to figure out where the heck am I holding myself up.

And not saying “well, I just need to do better in that or trying to get better” but “where I am holding myself up?” Can I outsource a piece of that? So for me “where am I holding myself up?” And it was like, “I’m not getting content created.” Well I know I can’t outsource that because I can’t have one of my team members come in here and try to build a relationship with you, for me.”

It’s not going to happen. It’s like being married and sending in a replacement. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. You can’t date somebody and not be there. So that’s what I’m talking about- you, as the agent, have to create the content.

Now, does that mean you need to sit down and spend ten hours a week typing out a nice, little beautiful blog?

No! Make it easier for yourself.

Here’s what I found for me- I found that gosh, I’m not getting my blog articles written, I’m just not doing it, but then I was like “what do I like to do? What seems easy for me? What do I enjoy? Well, I really like live streams!” I like the energy that I get being with you and seeing your comments and seeing your engagement and being able to help you. I like that.

So then I’m like “okay, alright, so here’s the thing. I’ll do that so I’ll start getting everything transcribed, right?” So then I went “okay, here’s what’s happening, I’m getting the transcriptions but I can’t actually put those transcriptions out because they actually do need to be edited.

They need to be shaped up. They need to be put into a blog post.” So I’m like okay what does that look like? That looks like I actually need to have a team member do those transcriptions for me. Long transcriptions, not short little things like I said before but long transcriptions so I brought on a team member.

Now let me tell you- we like freaked out just over a virtual assistant that is domestic because I want her understanding the language natively and I want her to understand everything that is going on so she transcribes it all for me.

And then what is my next step that I am missing from the piece I am doing? My next step is getting the blogs out and so I’m like alright, it just so happens that one of my team members loves blogging, like she doesn’t have to write any of it, she just takes it, make sure it sounds in my voice, adds the freebies that I give away to you and sets it all up with SEO for me.

You can get somebody from Fiverr to do that, so super, super easy. I was like “so where are my stop gaps? Where am I going?”

So that’s what this video series is. It is about getting past your stop gaps and figuring them out.

And actually, we should probably do a seperate video, let me write this down, on taking yourself out of your own way and what is preventing you  from because we are going to do another video on that because it is so important.

It is so important that we look at this. And then not say well I don’t have the money to hire somebody but rather figure out what if I don’t have the money or the time right now to do this or hire someone else what’s another option. What’s another way I can do this? So finding a solution.

So, let’s do this. Gather, create, re-purpose and expand.

Today we’re talking about create. We are diving into step number two. So first of all, the very first thing, remember yesterday, you gathered all the stuff, so you spend a couple of hours, maybe even a couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks, gathering dozens upon dozens upon dozens, a hundred or two, questions, thoughts, things that you want to help people with.

Things that drive you nuts about how other agents do something and you know you do it differently- share it! Share, like literally, share it! You need to get out there and share everything.

Outline Your Content

So the first thing is you need is to outline this content, so these questions that you have…the very first step that I do is I take a batch of them, and I will, I will literally go through and I will outline and flesh out until I’m comfortable enough to deliver my video or my live stream from it.

If you are going to write rather than do videos, outline it first, outline what are the things you want to use? What are the things you know you need to include? What’s different about what you’re including versus other people?

Are you going deeper than others? I go deeper than other people. I go deeper.  I’ve watched my “competitors” videos and I put quotes around it because I really don’t feel like people are my competitor and I’m not a competitor to them because we just teach differently, we relate to you differently.

You and I relate differently to each other then someone else. We have  different personalities so I don’t really feel like they are competitors but I look at people who do have some of the same content that I do and I’ve found that I just, I tend to go a lot deeper than anybody that I’ve seen for free out here.

I tend to go a lot deeper because there is just way more then setting up a profile. There’s way more than just making sure you have this. What does that look like? How should it be laid out? How can you leverage it? Lots of stuff on there.

Okay, Julie asks

"what tools do you use to transcribe?"

Well, I use a real human being who is on my team now. She’s a virtual assistant so that’s what I use. But you can use or The thing with those is you’re still…it’s like AI, so you have to…well Rev is real people but you need to really, you need to go through and re-edit the whole thing which kind of defeated the purpose for me so I use a real human being that’s on my team now.

Iwona says

"yeah, it happened to me, unfortunately I had a great idea and shared it on Facebook and boom…. Stronger real estate company jumped… I didn’t create a barrier to entry. Lesson learned."

Yep, yep, yep, that happens.

Be Totally Creative

Yeah, you can totally be creative. Nobody is my competitor. They might sell some of my same concepts or teach some of the same stuff to some extent, but they still aren’t a competitor because they have a very different style, a different vibe about them, a different energy about them. They have a different reason as that they have their business. And so they are just not..

It’s why there is a Burger King and a McDonald’s and that’s why Del Taco sells burgers and that’s why there’s Wendy’s and so many different fast food places because people have different things they like, different things, you know what I mean?

Anyways, okay, so outline your content and flush it out until you are comfortable enough to deliver from it. Whether that’s on video live or a video recorded or written. Just outline it.

Use A Spreadsheet

So what I do in my spreadsheet is I throw in my notes. Remember yesterday about the gathering. I throw in my notes and then I go through and I am constantly outlining.

So what I did before I started my big August challenge, to stock myself up, I went through and outlined a minimum of something like twelve to twenty different video topics.

The thing is that, as I started doing videos for you, you asked for other topics so I was like “Yeah, i’ll do that right now. Boom, I’ll do that right now. You got the answer to that question, boom, boom, boom.”

So I still, I probably have forty or fifty things outlined, lightly outlined and then I pull them into the five for the week so I’m doing five a week. You don’t have to do the five a week but for right now I’m doing five a week and I am going to back off, absolutely I am going to back off, just not yet but I’m doing five a week right now and I go through and make sure that I’ve got five outlined for each week.

Now there are some mornings where I am literally flushing it out further right before I go live. This morning was one of them because I already knew this content really well and I already knew what I was going to do and I already had my outline from my interview so you know it was a little bit easier this morning, a little more last minute this morning but outline it and flush it out until you are comfortable enough to deliver it.

Schedule Your Live Or Video

The second step in this is to schedule your live or your upload for the same time, same day, every single week. If you are going to send an email- same time, same day, every single week. If you are going to do direct mail, this one is a little different but every two weeks.

You need to have consistency in the schedule and you need to live and treat it as if it were the importance that it actually is. You need to honor it. It’s an appointment you absolutely need to do.

Here’s the thing that I said earlier, that the whole consistency thing and having an accountability partner and blah, blah, blah is rubbish- here’s where it is not rubbish. If you tell your audience I told you that I’ve committed to you and I say it over and over again, I’m going to be live every single week day at 10am for this month. We are now in September for this month.

I’ve now told you, I’ll just tell you right now, that knowing that I’ve told you  this and you are expecting me there and you’re here with me, I’m going to show up because you’re now an appointment on my calendar.

If I just told my accountability partner and I didn’t put it as an appointment on my calendar, it wouldn’t happen and I know this because I’ve done that for the last several years. I’m like “Yeah, I want to go live, I’m going to go live when I want too, I’ll go live whenever.

I don’t want to be constrained.” Yeah, it was very inconsistent. I deal with that inconsistency thing. I deal with it every stinking day.

So outline your content, schedule yourself and deliver, deliver. Get it out there.

Stop Using “Perfectionism”

Stop using “perfectionism” as a lie. It’s a lie. It is a  lie. You’re not a perfectionist, you are a freaking coward. Yeah, absolutely, calling you out on that, calling me out on that

When I’m saying “it’s not good enough,” or “it’s not perfect enough,” that’s coward. That has nothing to do with perfectionism. It has everything to do with you’re scared to crap to get this out there.

Yeah, I went there because it’s true, it’s true. Your head might be saying “No, it’s not true,” but yes, it is. I challenge you to get it out. Get it out. It does not have to be perfect. It just has to get started. Get it out there.

So number one, outline, number two, schedule, number three, control your outcome. Control your outcome.

A lot of you get notifications. If you are on #RIBBIT’s list, if you are on our Messenger list, I’ll send you a message via Messenger and let you know when I am going live so you can join me live because I love having your questions, I love engaging with you, I love talking to you so I can’t do that when it’s not live and if you’re not here, right?

Control Your Outcome

So that’s why you need to control your outcome! Send an email to your list. Send out messenger. Schedule it! Use a program like BeLive.TV. Use BeLive and schedule that live stream because then it does a countdown, and guess what? You gotta be there because everyone else is going to be there, absolutely.

You need to control your outcome. Don’t just, don’t just go live. Now I’m not talking about just your general lives, general videos and stuff like that. I’m talking about your everyday, I’m sorry, same time everyday of the week, every week. This is the consistent stuff.

Here’s the thing- Facebook says they wants episodic content that creates meaningful engagement. Episodic, that means, hello, Friends, people, people who watch Friends tell me, what day of the week and what time was it on?

Friends has been playing for how many years now, eighteen years I think but tell me what night of the week and what time Friends was on TV. I still remember and it’s been well over a decade, fifteen years, whatever, since I watched it but you know it.

That is called “episodic content.” Same day of the week, same time, every week. I knew when it was on and everybody wanted to be on right after Friends because everybody knew, everyone was on Friends, right?

So tell me, come on and what station? Thursday night at what time? It was the Peacock, NBC and Thursday nights, 8pm, oh yeah, that’s when it was! Like, I know that that’s horrible, but anyway, that is episodic content, that’s the point.

Anyways, so control your outcome. Get people there. Schedule it.

Use A Checklist

Number four- use a checklist! Like seriously, write yourself a checklist for everything you have to do. I am getting to the point where there are checklists all over the freaking house. Like, all over.

I have a checklist for when I wake up in the morning.  I’m creating it, it’s going on my mirror because I want to stop thinking about what I need to do. Brush my teeth, fix this, what do I put on my face, etc. I don’t want to think about it. I want to have very few decisions. I already prep my clothes a week at a time, literally, I know what I’m wearing the next five days and I just take one set into the bathroom every single night so it’s there in the morning.

Use a checklist. Make life easier for you.

I’m going to challenge you on this so outline your content, schedule your live, control your outcome by inviting people and then use a checklist.

Now, I’m sending this checklist to you, the top half of it, the bottom half will be tomorrow. I’m sending this checklist, it is my Facebook live stream process but I basically want you to see.

It doesn’t have to be Facebook Live. You can do this for anything. I want you to know what you need to do before, what I have created for myself and it’s not going to look the same for you, maybe it will, I don’t know, but here’s the thing- I have on here “Okay, here’s my topic, I need to outline my content, I need to create a headline and then I need to get the verbiage together for messenger and email to announce it.”

So then I get those pieces together because then there’s nothing stopping me from sending out a message, there’s nothing stopping me from sending out an email. It’s all there, it’s all ready. And then I need to schedule it and then I need to add this, this purple thing, that’s right here, I need to make sure I add it, I forget to add it, I forget put it on my checklist.

Basically, eventually what’s going to happen is a lot of this process is going to be set up by somebody else. Eventually, I’m going to look and go “what of this can I realistically have someone else do without them having to wait on me?”

That’s what you need to do. You have to use a checklist. Use a checklist.

So let me just go ahead and walk you through this again- first of all, there is four main steps to a business growth system to your real estate lead generation.

Gathering your data so setting yourself up for success. Creating your stuff in batches, batching your outline, creating your content, etc. Repurposing that, that’s tomorrow’s! And then the next thing is expand, expand. We’re going to do the ad strategy, right?

Okay, so today is step two which is outline your content, schedule your live, control your outcome, invite people and use a checklist.

I cannot tell you, like you’re going to have checklists everywhere but literally, if you don’t have to think about it….I have a checklist for what I need to do in the morning like exactly “feed the cats” and exactly what I have to do to feed the cats because our cats are not just Kibble’s, it’s other stuff. Take the dog out to go potty, water the outdoor plants, pick up the plums. We have plums dropping right now so I added that to my list so different things, go walk for ten minutes in the sun. I have that on my checklist for my morning routine because I need to get in the sun.

I just have all of this stuff on there because I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to make decisions and if you have read anything or listened to anything about the big guys, the high performing athletes, the high performing business owners and CEO’s, the fewer decisions that they have to make leaves them open to being able to make decisions on the road.

Your body does not know, your brain does not know, super easy coffee choice decisions from Hello, should we spend a billion dollars doing this decision? It doesn’t know that. And you only have so many decisions you can make in a day. This is not about willpower. This is about what you’re using it on.

Alright, so that‘s all the four pieces.

Do me a favor….what was most useful for you today??? While you are doing that I’m going to go through the questions and answer as many questions as I can.

Q & A

So Pam says

"Batching has changed my life."

Batching is insane. I love batching stuff like as much as possible. There’s some things where you know, I can’t go on video for more than a few times in a day, especially longer videos because I lose my voice.

I talk too much and it’s because I don’t use my voice correctly and you would think I would because there is like a voice coach living in my house but I still don’t. And so I can only do so many, but still! I can’t batch a live stream but I can batch everything else. I can batch all the content. I can batch all the prop stuff. I love batching.

Joan says

“Batching lists, yes, need a process checklist”

Absolutely, go check your messenger, it will be there.

Julie asks

"Can I download these checklists from somewhere other than the list sent by #RIBBIT?"

Yeah, actually, Julie, for this one I don’t actually have this created for members but I absolutely can so if you’ll just put a comment inside the members group, we’ll switch this over to an actual forum for members to download it and we will put it with the live stream training that we have in there as well. Just make sure that you tag Charis for that and I can make sure that she gets the stuff for you.

Iwona says

"I don’t know how to put this purple thing in."

It’s called using Belive.TV so I’ve used that software, it’s like $15 a month, I think, something like that,  it’s really cheap and I use that software to go live so I can schedule my live streams and I also use Ecam and a few others but this one is super easy, super fast, but you have to do it from your desktop.

You can not do it from the phone so I don’t schedule live streams if I’m going to use my phone. If I know I’m going to be out somewhere and I have to go live from my phone, I don’t have all of the creative stuff. Although now there’s Facebook Creator Studio. It’s an app you can get. They’re starting to add that kind of stuff like on there so you can do it on there as well.

Julie asks 

"what tools do you use to transcribe?"

I use a real human being now.

Sally says

"I’m Miss Short-Term Memory."

I know! And then you’re like, if you get interrupted for any reason, whatever.  I just like checklists, because I can just go through and then I don’t have to think.

It takes me less time to recover from an interruption, etc.

And like Sally said, the struggle, this is big. “The struggle is real to be consistent on ALL LIFE LEVELS!!”

Absolutely,and so we are setting ourselves up…all of this process, to help set us up for success so that we can be consistent, because they’re not, you know the people who have really, really done this really well…..You look at what Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard or any of these people that they’re all men, that’s not a thing, it’s just like “where are the women in 

Anyway, so they are not all consistent because they are super-human and they have super-strength. They are consistent because they create lists and routines and get themselves consistent so that’s huge. That’s a huge

So name for the video program, Maria, is that what you are asking? It’s BeLive.TV and I think you can use it free for a couple of videos. You can try it for free and then you can go on and I love it because it actually allows you to bring on….I’m just doing solo ones but I can bring on guests, I can bring on like four people, kind of like Blab used to let you do if you know about Blab, etc.

Sally says

"what was the name of the Facebook app you just mentioned?"

I think it’s BeLive.TV, is that the one you want to know? Hopefully it is. Let me know.

Let’s Do A Quick Recap

Alright so let me go through this really fast- this is step two of your lead generation. You need to outline your content from yesterday, outline those questions, flush them out until you are comfortable to deliver it.

This does not have to be perfect, this does not have to be a whole long thing but outline it. I’m a bullet point person. I do bullet points so outline it first.

Then schedule it. Schedule it and deliver it. Schedule it. Tell people. No, tell the people that you’re going to give it to or do it for. Tell them. Don’t tell your colleagues, don’t tell someone you think you are going to be accountable to, literally tell someone who is going to go like “where were you? Why didn’t you show up?” That’s who you want to tell. Schedule it. Let them know and deliver it.

Control your outcome. Make sure you drive people to that video, to that live stream, whether it’s live or recorded immediately so when you schedule it, then go ahead and then you know, if you have a way to email somebody in your email list, set that up and give them the link directly to that video.

If you have a way to send them messages do that right to the video. Just control your outcome. Don’t wait for Facebook. Control who comes and who visits.

Number four, I should probably do a whole video on using a checklist why you cannot live your life without a checklist. That actually wouldn’t be a bad idea, I will have to flush that out, hang on, I’m putting that in my notes, about “why life without checklists is meaningless.” That’s a funny title. Okay, excuse me, I think that’s a funny title.

Alright, again, what was most useful for you? Love this, you all have been amazing today. Just amazing. I love your energy and I love it when you are engaging, etc.

Should we boost our scheduled live?

You cannot actually boost a scheduled live but you can boost it after the fact, and yes, you should. You can’t boost before the video is done. They won’t let us.

I want to change the industry. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, of the smarminess of people failing, I mean, 87% of you are out of the business in five years or less and then of the 13% who stay in, they are out in the next five years. So it’s like very few stay in and it’s because of what we are taught, how we are taught. We are not actually taught in ways that are beneficial and that work with our personalities.

Most of you are “S’s,” and “I’s,” and “C’s” on the DISC scale. If you know anything about the DISC scale but everything is taught for a “D,” everything  is success is seen only “D’s” after the rest of the population. Well, most of you are not “D’s!”

Thank you very much. Thank you so much for being here and I will see you tomorrow for number three, which is the big strategy. This is where you are going to leverage what you just did, what you just created. We are going to leverage it. We are going to repurpose it all.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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