Getting Your Ad In Front Of Seller Leads

[FBSLF] Facebook Ad Targeting That Hits The Bullseye Every Single Time Getting Your Ad In Front Of Seller Leads

Targeting will make (or break) your Facebook ad.

In other words, you could have everything else perfect and if your targeting is off, your seller lead funnel will flop.

Targeting is the very first step to a successful seller lead campaign.

You need the perfect targeting combination that doesn’t waste your time or your money.

One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is in their targeting.

Either they completely forget to include targeting or, they try to reach too many people, in too many places, thereby eliminating the potential for success.

You want to focus on where your sellers live, not where they want to move to.

And, you most definitely do not want to target anyone and everyone.

It simply won’t work well for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help guide you through this…

1. Where should I target?

Here’s a hint, you do not want to target your entire county or town.


Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm includes the specific county or town +25 mile radius around that county or town.

In some areas, that’s an enormous radius!

Instead, focus on targeting specific zip codes.

You have got to know your community.

You need to know what kinds of homes you want to sell and what zip codes those homes are located in.

2. How old are your sellers?

Well, how old are they?

Don’t tell me they are all ages.

Go deep on this.

In your desired zip code, what is the average age of the sellers?

It is important to connect your message with your seller and their lifestyle.

Knowing their age is extremely important for higher click-thru conversion rates.

3. Homeownership Details.

This is a priority.

You need to know if you want to sell mobile homes on acreage or downtown condos.

You need to know the homeownership details of your targeted homeseller…

if you don’t, you may end up running ads to downtown condo dwellers that resonate with mobile home acreage owners.

Utilize Facebook’s demographics targeting to use this feature.

4. Targeting Behavior.

One of the favorite things that many real estate vendors (aka: let’s mooch off real estate agent commissions) try to teach real estate agents about Facebook “success” is about using the “behavior targeting” options Facebook provides.

Case in point, the “likely to move” option.

Yes, you can target your ads to people that a “predictive marketing” firm is guessing will be “likely to move” in the near future.

Here’s a hint… it’s a waste of moolah to target based on “predictive marketing.”

After running hundreds of ads myself and overseeing hundreds more ads of Leads and Leverage members, we have come to the conclusion that predictive marketing, in its current form, sucks.

It doesn’t work nearly as well has the targeting I’m teaching you in this series.

Until the algorithm improves drastically, there are fantastically better ways to target… the foundation of it all rooted in knowing your seller, intimately.

Their wants, their needs, their desires, their emotional choices.

Don’t think that you are limiting yourself to working with only a select type of seller with your targeting.

You aren’t.

What you are doing is opening up the world.

Each ad funnel you create should have a very narrow target.

But guess what, you can (and should) have multiple ad funnels!

That means, multiple targets… but never multiple targets for one funnel.

My question for you is…

What targeting have you tried that failed miserably for you?

If you’ve missed out on the other pieces of this training series, here they are for you…

There are 4 essential elements that are required if you want to generate real estate seller leads from Facebook (start here).

You will want to have these all in place before you spend time inside Facebook’s Power Editor creating your ads…

  1. You want an ideal destination funnel for the traffic you are going to generate.
  1. You need foolproof photos that grab homeowners attention.
  1. You need to write words that woo, words that convince homeowners to take action and convert homeowners into your database.
  1. You need the perfect targeting that doesn’t waste your time or your money.

Now all you’ve got to do is put in the work and then mesh it all together.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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