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LNL TV Episode #15: Is It Bad Manners To Ask People To Like Your Facebook Business Page?
Do you want targeted, quality page likes?
Or do you want a useless Facebook business page?

LNL TV Episode 15 Is It Bad Manners To Ask People To Like Your Facebook Business Page

There was a time that it was thought that getting as many likes as possible was the thing to do. It meant your business was “legit.” But that time is long gone. Well, at least it is for agents who actually want to generate real leads from their Facebook business page…
And this includes asking friends, family and clients to like your business page…
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Have questions for me? Come on over to the Facebook for Real Estate Agents group and ask!! I’m happy to help you!!
LNL TV Episode #15


Hi this is Christina with Leads and Leverage. Today I’m actually coming at you with a question, it’s a good one! Is it bad manners to ask people to like your facebook business page? So at the very outset it’s not bad manners.There’s some elements that you want to think about here though. So don’t just go out and start like, asking everybody to like. First of all you don’t want to put pressure on people to do something that they don’t actually want to do but they’re just doing it out of obligation to you.

So you want to really think about this before you start asking people to like your page. So don’t just ask anybody out of obligation, that’s number one. Number two, don’t start your page and then just ask everybody. You want to keep your page likes very targeted. You want them to be people who are actually in your demographic, geographic, farming, whatever your ideal avatar, your ideal customer is. You want the page likes to be those people.

You don’t want them to be realtors across the country. You don’t want them to be family that doesn’t buy or sell in your area. You don’t want them to be friends in Germany or Australia or wherever. Even though you could probably get a referral or two around all of that sphere, you want the people on your page to be the actual people who will buy and sell and use your services.

All of the rest of that that I talked about, you know, realtors and family and friends that are not your target market. You want them connected to your personal profile because you want to use that as a sphere and referral marketing area because your business page is really to funnel those unmets into your database. And that database should be full of people who are likely to use your services.

So is it bad manners to ask people to like your facebook business page? Not really, but it’s really bad business for you. You’re gonna end up with a whole bunch of debt to what I call detrimental likes and it’s going to mess up your targeting ability later on.

Your page needs to be dedicated to people who are in your market or moving into market, who are really want to buy or sell in your market. So hopefully that gave you an idea what you could do, make sure you know your page is referenced in your email. It’s on your business card. It’s in places where people in the community who know and like and trust you want to connect. So there’s that.

But then what you should be doing to get people on your page, you know what, that’s a whole other video we can do. So it’s not really bad manners but just be careful it’s not the best business practice for you.

Have a great afternoon or day whatever it is. I mean it’s midday for me so depending on when you’re watching this it could be any time, sorry about that. This is Christina with Leads and Leverage  and if you have any questions about facebook for real estate come over to the facebook for real estate agents group and ask away.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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