Followup and fulfillment are the key to converting like a mega agent

Do you know what the difference is between a “Mega Real Estate Agent” and “All Other Real Estate Agents”?

I’ll give you some hints . . .

It’s not the size of their teams.

It’s not the number of people they know.

It’s not how long they’ve been in the business.

It’s not the number of their leads.

It’s not “luck”

It’s their ability to convert real estate leads into real estate closings.
This is the key.

So here’s the deal…

Converting real estate leads and closing more sales all come down to two things . . .


It’s that simple and, it’s that hard.


Apparently follow-up is so hard, 48% of agents never even follow-up once with a prospect. Not a single time. Never. I’m wondering how agents expect to close a deal when they aren’t even attempting to contact a prospect even once.

Not once!! Wow.

However, that does mean that 52% of agents follow-up with a prospect at least once. Well, at least half of real estate agents follow-up at least once. This is really a pathetic statistic. Makes me wonder why 48% of agents are “in the real estate business”.

Ok. What about twice? You know, you leave a message or respond to an email or text the first time, but what about a second time? Yeah, that’s even worse. Only 25% of agents contact a prospect a second time. They stop after the 2nd contact. Wow. Again.

Maybe they think the prospect, who contacted them initially, isn’t interested? Or has changed their mind? Or they don’t have an effective method for keeping track of who to contact and when? Who knows. But still, it’s not like it’s that hard to follow-up with someone more than once or twice. Really. It isn’t.

Ok, let’s go just a little deeper. What about a 3rd contact? Only 12% of agents make three or more contacts with the prospect. That means 88% of agents didn’t bother trying to follow-up with a prospect after the 2nd contact. Wow. Yet, again.

Here's the biggest kicker…

2% of sales are made on the first contact
3% of sales are made on the second contact
5% of sales are made on the third contact
10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Do you know what this means?

It means that 88% of real estate agents share 10% of all sales, which also means that 12% of real estate agents are sharing 90% of the sales, simply because they contact their prospect three or more times.

difference between mega real estate agent and other agents

It means you have GOT to get over your fear of offending a prospect by contacting them “too much”. Really. You’ve got to.

You are not badgering them. They communicated to you that they are an interested prospect. You must be there, when they are ready, willing, and able to consummate a transaction.

You can never follow-up too much. No, you can’t. Stop allowing your limiting beliefs to control you. If it’s too much for someone, they’ll tell you. They’ll say go away, or unsubscribe from your email, or something else.

The key is, do not stop following-up until they buy, sell or say stop. 

Now that you understand what you need to do with follow-up, let’s look at fulfillment.


Fulfillment is what you are giving them. What questions are you answering, what needs of theirs are you meeting.

Their most important need is for you to be there when they are ready. This is accomplished through consistent follow-up. Their second most important need is for you to anticipate their questions and other needs, and provide answers, resources, and resolutions.

Fulfillment is much easier than follow-up, but fulfillment requires follow-up in order to accomplish it. Simply by following-up, you are meeting their number one need.

By following-up you are there to answer their questions, as they have them. By following-up you are anticipating their needs. By following-up you are able to provide answers, resources and resolutions.

So now that you know how to convert real estate leads and close more sales like a mega agent, what are you going to do differently?

What are you going to implement that will jump you into the 12% who close 90% of the real estate sales?

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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