Stop focusing on what others say and just start doing

Here’s the obvious questions:

If there is money to be made having your own blog, why aren’t more real estate agents flocking there and building blogs?

And thusly, why do so many real estate agents start blogs, but then never post more than once or twice and ultimately abandon their blogs with the idea that they don’t work to generate prospects?

Here’s the deal.

Selling Real estate isn’t about blogs and you shouldn’t have to make it so.

Without a blog, you can kiss a massive online real estate business goodbye.

Although this sounds contradictory, think about it . . .

Cave Bay Lake Coeur d'Alene
This is a common view in our area – A view we thoroughly enjoyed selling.

When you got into real estate what did you expect to do? Sell houses or write essays?  Help Buyers and Sellers at the closing table or monitor your blog comments to keep the spam out?

Why did you get into real estate? Was it because you absolutely love technology and wanted to spend time on it (writing engaging blog posts, making sure your Facebook business page is updated multiple times a day), or because you love helping people change their lives?

Your online real estate business is going to another real estate agent who has mastered how to create consistent content on their blog that therein consistently generates leads for them which, if they are good at conversion, consistently generates sales for them.

There are “blog purists” that think that no one can create blog content (posts) for someone else. That the individual real estate agent must be “the voice” of the blog so that the consumer gets a feel for who they are and how they work.

Interesting. Said purists most often have very little real estate business closings and quite a ton of real estate blog posts OR, they aren’t even in the house selling/real estate team building business, they are in the “make money from real estate agents by producing shiny objects business”. Said purists are excellent at writing blogs and getting their voice out there, but stink at writing blogs that actually generate leads for their business.

Said purists seem to put blinders on when it comes to real estate agents who run real estate teams as their business. The “head of the team” absolutely must be “the voice” of the blog. Hum. How does that let the consumer get to know the agent they’ll actually be working with, you know, the buyer agent or the listing agent – another member of the team who is not “the voice” of the blog?

Sailboat on Lake Coeur d'Alene
It’s not hard to “sell a lifestyle” in an area like Coeur d’Alene.

How does the purist respond when confronted with the reality that businesses all over the world, who are highly successful online, either have an in-house content team or, they outsource to find a content team to manage their content for them?

The response I always hear is “Real Estate is a relationship business, it’s not like any other business”. Guys, this is an EXCUSE. Truly. Real Estate is about as relationship NECESSARY as Doctors, Lawyers, Painters, Mechanics….

The reality that real estate agents do not want to face is that well over 80% of buyers and sellers choose to do business with the very first Real Estate Agent they meet, once they’ve decided to buy or sell!

That means YOU MUST BE THERE WHEN THEY DECIDE TO BUY OR SELL, whether that is in their mail box, on their radio station, in their Facebook newsfeed or in Google when they search the web.

Frankly – ignore purists.

Focus on what you want. A blog that generates business for you.

If you want a blog that generates business for you, you absolutely must have consistent content. If you are selling homes, how on earth do you have time to create consistent content?

That’s when you need a professional. You need a team that understands real estate, understands online lead generation and is a resource focused on online content that helps build your business.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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