Learn the Facebook posting ideas real estate agents can use for every day of the week
Can’t figure out what to post on your Facebook business page and struggle with the consistency of it and getting things done?

Well today I am actually going to share with you Facebook posting ideas that you can use as a real estate agent for every single day of the week.

We are going to make this easier for you to post every single day and for you to get engagement.

We have tasks we don’t like to do but gosh, we should enjoy what we’re doing and quite frankly we will do it better and we’ll do it with more enthusiasm if we actually enjoy it.

That’s what we’re here for today. I am going to give you Facebook post ideas that you as a real estate agent can use for everyday of the week.

So let’s talk about a couple of things. Comment below if you struggle, STRUGGLE with finding ideas on what to post on your page.

This is what we’re going to talk about today.

Remember I have talked to you before about this.

What Are the 3 Types of Content Categories

There are 3 types of content categories that you will be posting on your Facebook business page.  

The three types are Educational, Inspirational and Community.

All of your content, everything that you post needs to be focused on the consumer.

  • What do they like?
  • How do they want to engage?
  • What do they want to see?

How Frequently Do You Need To Post

Number two,you need to post frequently.

So this is all before I get into what I am going to give you today, you have to post frequently.

If you’re just kinda throwing up a post every now it’s no wonder your page is not working for you.

How frequently?

This one is going to like send a few of you back reeling. You have got to post as a real estate agent, on a Facebook business page that you are using for local lead generation you have to post 4-6 times every single day.

You have to!

This is a must. Why?

Because of the algorithm. Here’s how it works.

If you’re a news site like you’re not a news site but if you were a news site, news sites need to be posting a minimum of once an hour, if not more because that is how they are consumed.  That is how they get fed..

There are other pages, pages types that can post less than that, a lot less than that. There really isn’t a page type out there that can really only post once or twice a week.

It just doesn’t work with the algorithm.

Facebook’s algorithm is looking for meaningful engagements so of course you have to have the content types I said and you need to be posting what people want but they are looking for engagement.

If you don’t post enough and enough and enough variety to get that engagement, your page will not get pushed out.

That means you need to post when people are on.

You cannot just look at your analytics and go oh people are on here and that’s when I will post. It doesn’t work that way because that is when everyone else is posting also.

You need to post consistently throughout the day. Ideally, posting once every 4 hours on a local real estate business page is so that’s your ideal okay?

It can be really overwhelming at times with that but this is what works for real estate agents.

This is very, very specific. This what works. This is what I teach real estate agents because this is what works for your page.

Okay? You need to be posting 4-6 per day, all kinds of stuff, etc.

I have gone through other videos and I will go through other videos but today very specifically I am going to help you.

One of the things I want to talk to you about is not how to set up a system necessarily but this is one piece of a system that you can set up to make it quick and easy for you to post so that you stay consistent.

You MUST stay consistent!  

If you are consistently posting and then you stop for a week, it is really, really really, hard to get back up into that algorithm because it’s like not updating your website.  Google doesn’t come look at it anymore.

You need to be consistent with it. Same exact thing with Facebook. You need to be consistent with it.  You need to have a system that makes it a quick and easy process for you so that you stay consistent.

Here’s what we’re going to talk about today. I am going to help you learn how to leverage hashtag trends so you get more engagement on Facebook.

What are hashtag trends?

I know you have heard of #tbt or #throwbackthursday. Most of you have heard of it. You’re probably doing it on your personal profile. Lots of people are.

They do #tbt and #throwbackthursday, all one word and then you share something; a picture of you personally or maybe a memory that popped up on your Facebook news feed of your own and you shared that as your throwback!

Maybe it was a picture of you as a kid or camping trip or whatever. That is called a throwback. A lot of people are doing that on their personal profile but you can do it on your business page.

Lots of ideas…I’m going to talk about some very specifics you can use for this one, also #motivationmonday or #motivatemonday.

Have you seen that where people are putting out inspirational quotes or videos or etc. to just help motivate because Monday’s for a lot people are a hard day to get going.

Maybe we had fun on the weekend or maybe stayed up too late, got out of our routines so on Monday we’re like whoa, gotta get back to that so #motivationmonday is great opportunity for you to share that with people too and not just on your personal profile.

We’re going to talk about how you can leverage these exactly for you on your Facebook business page.

Here’s what I will ask you guys, if you will comment below what other #hashtags trends have you seen.

Aside from #tbt or aside from #motivationmonday, have you see others? Are there any local that you have seen? Are there any around a maybe not your local area but in another geographic area?

Speaking of  our Coeur d’ALene Little League made it to the championship so that #littleleague hashtag was trending.

What #hashtags have you seen trending or have you seen used that have come across your personal profile?

Right now there is one we are intimately involved in and that’s #organdonorsavealife because my brother-in-law needs a kidney so that hashtag every time I see it and I just realized I forgot to put that hashtag in my share this morning for his kidney donation so that’s another one like something that is personal to you.

What have you seen as far as hashtags that you kind of keep seeing over and over again

When you can leverage these #hashtag trends you’re going to nail your engagement because people like this. People participate in this. It’s collaborative and you might be sharing your own but you’re asking of them to share with you.

People are looking for simple, easy and fun things to engage with on Facebook. They are looking for a coffee break or a smoke break.

They’re looking for quick little break, a quick little upper – a way to just feel good so you can help with that.

#Hashtag Ideas

Here are some ideas and we’re going to talk about this:


Go to your local museum and take some pictures of old pictures that showcase how things used to be.

Like an old building that maybe has been remodeled and what was it then and what is it now.

Businesses that have come and gone; what did city blocks look like in your area.

You could also share pictures of people at local events, events that are popular and that people enjoyed that are in the past.

For example, we always have the polar bear plunge every January 1st at noon in the same place in our area because it’s freezing cold.

You could share; you can actually share pictures from that. You could do that sometime in July and say, ”just think 6 more months and this is coming” type thing.

You can share that and that’s a #throwbackthursday.

If you did any events or marathons or fundraisers or anything like that, that is a #throwback you can share back.

If you’ve got a personal picture of you or your family members in front of a building or a place or a location or maybe something’s being remodeled or redone and it’s in the middle of it then you can do a #throwback. You want to do that.

People love memorabilia. They love looking at that kind of stuff and they love engaging with it. You can ask them to share theirs which creates that community engagement you want to create.


The other one is #motivationmonday.

Inspire people! Find amazing quotes that you personally relate to and share them.

Find amazing, short little videos that are inspirational that you like!

You need to actually listen to this stuff and look in this stuff and resonate with it because you are trying to connect with people on a level that you enjoy and you like.

The great thing about this kind of stuff is you can batch it. You can batch it. You can go okay, every single Thursday one of my posts is going to be a #throwbackthursday so I am going to go ahead and batch 6-8 of these right now.

Then once every two months, you just batch 8 posts ahead of time, schedule them ahead of time and get them done and then they’ll go out on their own.

Make sure when you’re scheduling your posts and when they do go out on their own that you are actually engaging with people when they comment.

What can I do? What can I set up as a kind of a duplicatable system that would be pretty easy for me to go ahead and post every single day that people will engage with?

Well like I said leveraging the #hashtag trends.

So real quick remember you need to have the 3 types of content. You need Educational, Inspirational and Community.

You need to be focused on what the consumer likes, how they want to engage, what they want to see and you need to post 4-6 times daily so that is why you want to leverage #hashtag trends once a day, every day of the week.

You can batch it up ahead and make it really easy on yourself to find the stuff, to curate it, to create it and to batch it.

Make it easy!

This is where you’re still getting your voice out. It’s still you, however you’re leveraging the automation.

You want to do that.

You want to be you. You want to find the sources and you want to have  that YOU in all of your posts but go ahead and batch it ahead and leverage the automation that Facebook is giving you in order to make this happen and work with your schedule.

So when you know you’re super busy from March to August, work in the winter and batch yourself ahead so it’s all done ahead so you don’t have to do anything again until September. Get it all done ahead of time and then all you have to do from that point on is just check your comments and engagement.

That’s the beauty about scheduling and getting this kind of stuff and leveraging things that are happening already with ideas to help you.

Again ask me your questions. Let me know what’s going on! Just make sure you let me know your questions because I am answering them all.

I want you guys rocking-n-rolling.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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