Slow & consistent is the key to success

Never take your eyes off the prize.

Zombies. You know they are the monster du jour, right? From “The Walking Dead” to the “Zombie Apocalypse” to “World War Z.”

We all think zombies are dead and evil and must be destroyed. But in order to destroy something, one must learn from it (or be forever doomed to repeat history).

Philosophical enough for you? Let’s keep moving along (just like a zombie, by the way).

What Is A Zombie?

  • A zombie is essentially a machine with one purpose: to feed.
  • Zombies plod along.
  • They are always focused on their target.
  • They cannot be demoralized.
  • They are slow and consistent.
  • They keep moving forward even when they have to change course.
  • Changing course doesn’t change their focus.
  • They ignore obstacles.
Zombies want your flesh and they will stop at nothing to get it.

How Is Your Facebook Real Estate Business Page Like A Zombie?

Do you know what the “one purpose” is for your Facebook business page? Don’t cop out and say it’s “to get clients” or to “stay in touch” with closed clients.

You need to break down your sales process and find out where your Facebook business page fits in that process (more on The Facebook Funnel real estate lead generation process here).

Then you need to make sure you intimately know and fully understand your real estate niche.

What Is Your One Purpose For Your Facebook Business Page?

My one purpose for my Facebook business page is to create raving fans. That’s it. I’m not focusing on them becoming clients (not in this step). I’m not focusing on making sure my clients are on there so I can stay in touch. I’m not focusing on getting more likes (although I do run a constant Facebook page like ad just to get targeted likes).

I’m focusing on giving a whole heck of a lot of knowledge and expertise to my fans and then engaging with them. I want them to become my raving fans. It’s really that simple. I want them to crave the value I offer and to come away wanting more.

Now, I use my Facebook business page for other things, like lead capture (via some posts, via Facebook ads, etc.). There is nothing wrong with taking something you’ve created and using it across multiple platforms and in multiple ways. But the focus for my page stays the same: to create raving fans.

Instead of eating the flesh of humans, I want the humans to crave the value I offer.

Gross analogy, but accurate nonetheless.

My Facebook business page is just like a zombie …

Be Consistent

No matter what, I want to always be consistent. To always provide valuable information on my page. To plod along.

Connect With Everyone

I want to be slow and consistent and to make sure I’m connecting with everyone, even on a one-on-one basis via the page. My goal isn’t to “smash it” and come out “on top.” My goal is to be consistent. Stability and longevity..

Focus For Your Page

When I’ve added or eliminated services, my focus for my page always remains the same. My focus for my page doesn’t change just because I’m offering something new.

Focus On Giving Value

Even when I modify services I offer, or change an idea, I keep doing the same, consistent activities that continually focus on giving value. Those boring activities are the most important activities in your business.

It’s About The Quality, Not The Quantity

It’s not possible to become demoralized when you know that no matter what, your focus is to provide value. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. The quantity comes through the quality.

Always Target Your Fans

My target is always my fans. It is to give them value, to teach them, to help them. I want them to crave the value I offer — crave it so much that I’m the first place they look to for more value in my niche.

Ignore The Obstacles

Obstacles don’t exist if you don’t create them. Oh, there will be attempts at obstacles but most are fairly easy to ignore. The ones that aren’t can cease to exist if you keep your mind on your focus.

What’s the irony of this article?

I don’t watch zombie movies or TV shows. They just don’t interest me. However, I have a husband and four sons. It hasn’t escaped my notice that they love to watch these things.

I was inspired to make the connection between Facebook business pages and zombies the other night when my family was discussing the “reality” of fast-moving zombies vs. slow-moving zombies.

I had to do some research on zombies. I “thought” I knew about them, but I had much to learn. From the information I researched online and the information my husband and sons gave me I knew zombies were soul mates with Facebook business pages.

I never said we were normal.

My Questions For You:

What’s up with your Facebook business page? Is it a zombie (stable, consistent, always moving forward) or is it a mosquito (buzzing around all over the place until it gets smashed)?

Have you figured out your “one purpose” for it yet?

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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