Everything changes, learn timeless strategies so the effect is nominal

The reality is, there are constant changes to Facebook and the reality is, there will ALWAYS be constant changes to Facebook.

Changes in how you run ads, changes in how content is pushed out (or not), changes in targeting… constant changes.

So if the constant changes to the system frustrate you, listen in:


Hi! I’m Christina Ethridge with Leads and Leverage and I help real estate agents sell more houses using Facebook.

Today’s question comes from Joe from our Facebook for Real Estate Agents Group.

Joe says my biggest frustration with Facebook is the constant changes with the system.

Well Joe, I want to let you know that the changes are there, the algorithm and all that kind of stuff, that’s there because people, marketers sales people, try to game the system. They try to push out their own crap, for lack of a better word, and get it in front of eyeballs. And Facebook and Google are like, no we want relevant content. We want people to get what they actually want to see.

So if you want to get your sales content in front of real eyeballs then guess what, you need to focus on building relationships. Creating relationships with those people not just selling them stuff.

So all through human history – even with all of the changes in how we’ve connected when we had to walk, horse and buggy, cars, telegraph, phone, FaceTime, all this kind of stuff all these things.

The core of it was that you could communicate with people the people that you wanted to based on relationships. Based on know like and trust.

So marketers always abuse the system. They always do and they always will. And there will always be changes.

But the truth is that if you put out inspiring, engaging, relevant, funny, weep worthy content to the people, for the people that you want to help, and revealing of yourself it doesn’t matter what the tech happens you’re going to actually survive. And you will not be affected by the changes.

Now one way to do this is to set your business page up as a lifestyle page. I’ve put the link to the Facebook page setup checklist in this video.

If you set your page up in a way that will resonate with other people that’s gonna help you survive all the changes that are definitely coming down the pipeline. Cuz they will never stop changing.

Alright Joe, you can do this. Ignore the changes. Be valuable. Be relevant and really get to know and engage with your people. You can do this.

If you’d like your question answered, please join us inside our Facebook for Real Estate agents group (it’s free) where you can post your question and I’ll answer it on video for you!

Here’s to your Facebook success!


 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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