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Do you turn “likes” and “comments” into leads?  How do you run the right ads that actually get you leads? Today I am going to walk you through the 6 foolproof ways.

I mean they are easy, foolproof ways to capture real estate leads from Facebook. Are you ready?

It is a 5 part video series and today is the number 3 part. So we did strategy, we did audience and today we’re going to learn how to build our list. We’re going to walk through the 6  foolproof ways to capture real estate leads from Facebook.

I am going to walk you through 6 foolproof, they’re pretty much foolproof, there are some things you can do to mess them up, but it’s kind of hard.

Ready to learn how to build our list?

Are we ready?

So how do you turn those likes into leads?

Well honestly, like I said there are a couple of ways. You have to understand the strategy of Facebook and social media in general and the strategy is that you have to build an audience first.

Before anything else, you have to build that audience. We’ve talked about that in number 2.

You can go back and watch that video, So we have to work on building an audience, that is first and foremost. And you know, you’ve probably seen a lot of people building audiences and not doing anything else or saying I built this audience and nothing is happening. Well there are one of two reasons.

Number one, they’ve built the wrong the audience, like it’s either a fake audience or one not related to what they’re doing so when they go to engage with that audience outside of the superficial stuff, the audience doesn’t respond. So you have to build the right audience and that is in video number 2.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to get these people in our list. A lot of real agents are, I admit I was there too, gosh, a lot of real estate agents are going for the low hanging fruit.

I mean we want the transaction, like now, today right? And we forget that building a “like, know and trust” relationship actually takes a little bit of time but we still want it now, we want it today.

So what we have to be doing today is thinking about all of these layers in our business process, in the lead generation process. All of these layers including building your audiences, building your list and nurturing, that is why we’re talking about all of these.

Next week, early next week I’ll talk about how to convert these people, but one of the things we need to be doing is building our  list.

We cannot think of leads that are not ready right now as junk leads or dead leads or I didn’t get any leads. The thing is 99% of the people you contact or come into contact with face to face are not ready right now to buy a house.

They are not, are they junk leads? Do you put them in your database? I hope you do. Do you send them stuff every 2 weeks? Probably not, but I hope you do because you need to build that relationship with people.

We think of relationships as this, some of us as this energy sucking, I have to put a lot of time into this thing and the beauty of email, the beauty of Facebook, the beauty of Instagram and all of this online stuff is we can create, grow and maintain a relationship with pretty minimal effort.

So we don’t have to see them every single week, every single month, actually see them face to face, one-on-one. We can nurture them in other ways, we can give value in other ways.

So how do you get people into your list? Remember, we’re building a list of people who may be interested in buying or selling. They are locals. If they’re not locals, they want to be locals. They are people who own homes in your area or want to own homes in your area. They are people who are thinking about it.

They may not do anything for 2, 3, 4 years or they may do something in 2 weeks but remember out of  the 4,000 leads that I’ve personally generated in my 20 years of real estate exactly 1 texted us from a Craigslist ad and 13 days later we closed on a property. Exactly one.

Most of them, the bulk, were between 9 and 18 months out, which is why you have to nurture them. Which is why we’re doing that in the next video, but I had some as long as 6 years and even now, I mean I have not be in active in real estate, selling real estate in 3 years and they’re still converting leads 8, 9, years later that have come into the list and have been maintained, nurtured.

So you have to think on this in the long term. You’re going to get short term stuff but if you only, if you only look at people who get on the phone with you right now, you’re going to fail. You are totally going to fail.

This is why it drives me nuts that the “gurus” tell you when you first get into real estate to only do open houses, to only do door knocking, only do cold calling, only work with the people who are “ready, able and willing” right now. They’re idiots. They’re idiots for telling you that because you know why?

You’re going to be pounding the pavement, pulling out your hair sweating constantly, stressed, feast and famine for many years in your real estate business and 87% of you are going to be dead in the business in less than 5 years. Those are the stats so how do you make sure you are not one of those stats?

You start building your business at the beginning.  Absolutely you should be pounding the pavement, you’re starting a business – you don’t have any income, you need to start going, pounding the pavement, doing every possible thing.

But you also need to start building your list. The long term game, the term long term process – you’re building a business, not just trying to get lunch for tomorrow. So that is what we’re talking about.

So 6 ways to capture leads from Facebook, remember I am sending you the resources because there’s couple of tools in here that I am going to rely heavily on, which we rely heavily on and I am going to teach you how to find the perfect tool to make this happen for you, okay?

The 6 ways to capture real estate leads from Facebook

Run “Just Listed” Ads

The first way is to run “Just Listed” ads. Now, there are 2 different ways you can run a “Just Listed” ad. One way is to drive people to an IDX link which requires registration.

I’m going to get into some details here about this.

You put 2-4 pictures of the listing, the best ones, you put a little bit of teaser info, just enough so they want to see more, say click here to see more. You send them to the IDX link.

You make sure that IDX link requires registration, if you are of the attitude or the mindset or whatever that you don’t require registration on your IDX, go away.

I just mean, you’re not ever going to capture leads. There are places on your IDX where you do not require registration but when you run paid traffic to a resource and they’re asking for more information, that is considered a lead magnet.

You need to have registration on that IDX before they can even see anything. Give them 2-4 photos in the Facebook ad, give them a little teaser information and say more pictures, videos, whatever you have “Click Here” and go to that resource, that IDX link, okay?

You must, must, must require registration before they can actually get to that resource. The first way you can just send them right to the IDX link.

Do a Lead Ad

The second way you could do that is you could do a “lead” ad so all of these can be done in multiple ways. You can actually do an actual  lead ad. The first way is a “traffic” ad the second one is a “lead” ad and a “lead” ad would ask for their email first and then you set it up it so it emails them the link to the listing.

You do not want to ask for their email on a “lead” ad and drive them right to the resource. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Because people fake email addresses. If they don’t give you a real address, they ain’t getting nothing.

You’re giving them something that they want. They need to give you something in exchange so you need to make sure you set it up that way.

Drive Them to a Landing Page

The third way you can do it is to actually drive them to a landing page and then they put their email in there and you send them an email with the link to information on the listing. Do not require registration when they’ve already given you their email address.

Don’t do that, that’s just annoying.

So that’s 3 ways on just the “Just Listed” ad, So if you have listings you should be leveraging those. You should be running those as ads out to a pin-drop audience, multiple pin-drop audiences in your area.

Ideally, if you’re in a area where people tend to live here and they tend to move here, whether they move up or down you need to make sure if you have a listing in that area, you are targeting where people tend to move from, you need make sure of that, okay?

Home Value Ads

The second way, the second way is, I know you’ve heard of it “Home Value” ads, but there is a caveat. Here’s the thing with “home value” ads. “Home value” ads are often done so poorly that people don’t get responses. You still have to be building, creating, not building. You’re creating a relationship with people.  

People know the drill. They know when you they what is your home worth?… blah, blah, blah, if they click the button and give you their email, they assume you’re going to, I don’t know, sell them and convince them to buy the Taj Mahal or something like out of their control.

People are weird about real agents. Weird, totally, because most of us don’t ever follow up after the first or second thing. I don’t know why most people are weird about it,

I guess because most agents don’t follow up and the few that do are sometimes so ridiculously annoying. They’re only sell, sell, sell, sell. They’re not actually giving value and helping people through the decision making process, etc.

So when you’re doing your “home value” ads, the key here, you can do it either using Ontraport like I said before or lead ads, I will give you the link and resources to all these, you can do it either way, but the key here is do not try to be all things to all people.

What do I mean?

Well, when somebody has a home to sell; one person may have a two-bedroom in a high-rise, another person may have 5-bedroom McMansion on 2-acres, another person may have a mobile home, another person may have a 3-bedroom, 2 bath track home.

Every single one of those people has a different desire or motivation to sell. Every single one.

You need to run ads that are focused on their desire or their motivation.

For example, if you want people who are “move-up buyers” and actually, that is the next ad, but if you want people who are “move-up” people and you want to sell their homes, then you need to actually say, “Hey are you running out of space?” or you need to focus on why they would move up.

It’s not just because they’re making more money. Maybe it’s because they have more toys. Maybe it’s because they have more kids, maybe because the in-laws are moving in or the parents are moving in. Maybe it’s because in my example they work from home, both spouses’ work from home and they both need great office space, maybe that’s why they want a nice big house.  

What is that, the person who is in the condo – where are they going? Are they getting married? I know you don’t know every single one, but what do they typically do? Are they getting married and want a house, move out to the suburbs? Or are they somebody who have a 2-bedroom and want to move out of the area? Are they moving into assisted living? What are they doing?

You need to run your ad, each ad so you’re going to have to run multiple ads. These are home-value ads but you have to run the ad that caters to their desire.

If you want to get seen in the news feed, if you don’t want to get scrolled past, if you want to stop that scroll you gotta stop saying “Hey, home values have gone up this much, what’s yours gone up?”

People ignore those. You need to start going “Hey, did you just get jet skies? Did you just buy an RV? Are you tired of that HOA telling you that you can’t park your RV there? Maybe you should sell and buy something else? Are you tired of all the noise that condos have? You know the neighbor noise. Are you sick of living 15 miles out because the drive is 2 hours long depending on whatever your drive is?”

You need to focus on what the desire is.

You can run a whole bunch of “home value” ads  just like “ listing” ads. You can run a whole bunch. You are not limited to who you work with, It’s just your ad needs to be very, very focused, very singularly focused on that single desire. Okay?

That’s why ads aren’t working because they’re not focused. They’re just general stuff.

Alight, Lisa said, “If we’re still building an audience should we be running ads?”

Yes, yes, you should, but different ads, we’ll talk about in a little, we’ll get to that.

Move-up Ads

Alright the third way to capture real estate leads from Facebook is “Move-up” ads. Now I alluded to it in the home value ad but that’s a“home value” ad targeting someone who is selling to move up.

Here’s another way to target people who want to move-up. They’re called “move-up” ads so why do, instead of going for the home value “do you want to get your home value because you want to move”, go for the desires.

Maybe they need a 4-bedroom, maybe they need a home office, maybe they need more yard space so we’re talking move up buyers here. You run “move-up” buyers ads but these people, you want them to go check out what they could have.

So basically you are working on playing with their desires to change their lifestyle, their desires to maybe become a different family type or different person. Again, I can use myself as an example because that’s the one I know the best. When we we purchased our home, our current home a year ago, yes one of our desires was well guess what?

I run a company from the house. I needed a nice, big, office space. My husband is a performer. He needed a rehearsal studio. We needed space for the theater, the theaters that we are involved in for the props and for the costumes. We wanted a really big open inside home that spilled to the outside so we could entertain because Chuck does a lot of home performances here.

So we knew exactly that we needed that space and those things. Those are all desires that you can target people in ads and show them what they can get.

So for example you could think of someone who just loves the outdoors. They love to garden, they love to do whatever. Find homes that have space for them to garden and have that in there, all that kind of stuff or if they love to RV, find homes that have RV parking, that’s the list

You’re going to do exactly like I said in the first one. It’s an IDX list of properties. You can do it two ways.You can run the ads, tell people, show people a couple of little pictures, drive them to the IDX link, require registration or you could do it through Ontraport and email it to them.

Either way, that’s what you want to do. You want to spark those desires. You want to fan that flame. That’s what you want to do.

Interest or Geographic Search List

Okay the fourth way, the fourth way to capture real estate leads from Facebook is based on their interest or a geographic search list.

So what do I mean by that?

One of our best ads was so simple, so crazy and Facebook didn’t actually have ads when we ran this on. We did it on Craigslist and it was literally, we live in a area so let me explain our area so you can understand this.

We live in an area where we have lot of lakes and lots of rivers but there’s one island, okay? One of the best ads that I ever run was “Do you want to live on an Island?”

That was the top part of the ad and it drove people to a list of the properties that were available on that little island. There was like I don’t know a hundred properties on this one island. There was usually about 4-8 houses available for sale; that very specific so that would be an interest or geographic location. You could do it by school district….”Do you want to live in school district whatever?”

I know some of you are going  “Can my IDX do that? You don’t drive people to just a generic IDX search or the ability to search. You have to set this up inside your IDX very specifically and for that I recommend IDX broker.

I have the link in the resources for you. You need to be able to drive people to the exact search that you’re talking to them about in the ad exactly. You don’t want them searching for anything else at all.

People are way too distracted, I mean guys we are worse than goldfish, we have like an 8 second or 7 second attention span and goldfish have a 8 or 9 second attention span. We can barely put food to our mouths or we forget to eat, we forget our kids at school, we’re like this is crazy guys.

So you have to make it like insanely simple for them and you have to give them exactly what they’re talking about as fast as possible like as fast as possible. So you would do interest or geographic search stuff like that. You can do it by neighborhood, by school district.

You could do it by…. I’m trying to think of different things you could do it by. You could do it by parks, if they like to swim, bike, run, iron man, if they want to be close to an area where they could just walk around or to a downtown area or sections.

All of these are different kinds of ads you can run, all of them.

Leveraging the Lead Magnet

Alright, what’s number five?  Number five is leveraging lead magnets. Now let me explain what I mean by that.

First, what a lead magnet is. I think I alluded to it in one of the first ones of these when I talked about your IDX link on a listing can be a lead magnet. A lead magnet is typically like a checklist, template, eBook, download, infographic, something that gives somebody a valuable resource that they can tangibly use and access themselves.

Sometimes lead magnets are videos, trainings or whatever okay?  

I am asking you to connect with me on Messenger so that I can then send this to you so that when we have video number 5, I can convert all of this and I can notify you.

That in sense is a lead magnet. I am bringing you into my list. Does this make sense?

So that’s what you want to do. Lead magnets can be all kinds of things. In fact if you are a Realtor, a member of The National Association of Realtors then you have access to some already completed lead magnets.

Some things that you can use for lead magnets…so all Realtors can access I think it’s and if you have your NRDS number then you can log in and they often have PDF downloads like booklets and stuff you can download and email to your prospects and your clients.

Things like “How to know if you have lead paint?” Let’s see what else… I can’t remember all of them but there is a whole bunch of resources on, okay?

Here’s the thing with that. You need to make sure that you find something in that resource list that  people actually want to know or you need to word it in a way that people want to know about.

If you live in an area that has a lot of older homes, a lot of historic homes then a lead paint brochure explaining what it is and what they can do to make sure it doesn’t become a problem in their listing, if they go to list or when they go to sell or with any type of financing, then that’s a great place to put it.

If you live in an are where pretty much the entire neighborhood is less than 20 years old, you’re not going to have lead paint issues so people aren’t going to be clicking on that. So you need to think about what issues you have.

If you live in a flood prone area talk to them about what it means to have flood insurance etc. If you live in an earthquake area give them a checklist or a template “how to find good insurance, how to do this or how to do that.”

Explain to people; it’s really interesting that people don’t realize that you can’t get insurance through anybody except FEMA. No matter where you live so explain that to them, teach them.

We got flood insurance on our home. We don’t live in a flood zone at all but we have a pool and if that pools cracks and floods we’re not covered. Well we are now but we weren’t because we didn’t have flood insurance before so explain that to people. If you have a lot of pool owners, is that a rider that’s included? Of course most pool owners that I’m thinking about are in Florida and they have flood insurance.

Those are just examples of things you can create and turn into lead magnets that become a download that you can then say, “Hey, give me your email address and I will send this to you.” Those are the people you are putting on your list, okay? 

Coming Soon Listings

Alright, way number six that you can use to capture real estate leads from Facebook. “Coming soon listings”, coming soon. You have to follow whatever rules that are in your jurisdictions as far as your associations and your real estate commission of course.

Coming soon listings, can be run the exact same ways as a “Just Listed” and if it’s not in the IDX yet, then do the lead page landing page option or the lead ad option I talked about with you in number one. If you’re not sure, go back to number one.

So all of these ways, “coming soon,” same way, tease people, let people know the way to find out about these coming soon listings is to subscribe to your page.The way people get notified that I am going live and doing a training is they’re on my page or they’re in my email list. That is how you guys know I am on here training and doing things,

So the six ways.  Just Listed ads, Home Value ads, Move-Up ads, Interest/Geographic search ads, Search List, Leveraging Lead Magnets and Coming Soon Listings.

Those are the 6 ways.

Q & A

Alright, so Julie says

"What is the sweet spot number of listings you can allow them to view before requiring registration?"

When you’re running an ad its zero, ZERO. No listings, when you’re running a “Just Listed” ad it is zero, none. When you’re running any type of ads you can let them see the list, but you cannot let them see anything about the listing. You want to show them what they’ll get, but if they click on it you require registration. This is for ads. If you’re paying money to drive traffic to this you’ve got to have that registration on. There are no freebies, there are no freebies there.

Tammy wants to know, “if you can get inside my head!”

There’s way to much, you would get inside my head Tammy, you’d get inside my heads, let’s be real about this and you’d be bald because my head is like a million miles an hour. I do a lot of yoga breathing and meditation to calm me down. It’s crazy in there, like it’s crazy. You’d go crazy, because it’s crazy in there.

Lisa said

"If we’re still building an audience should we be running ads?"

Yes, you should. You still gotta eat. You want to start with the audience, but you also need to be building the list. You also need to be nurturing so we’re doing all these layers. You start in order but you kind of keep doing them all at once. Always, always, thinking of the strategy and you’re always working on your audiences, always working on your list, and you’re always working on converting. That’s the next video.

Now here’s the thing about this. Once you get this built, a lot of this stuff we’re doing is going to work for all aspects. So you go from your strategy, to your audience, to your list, to your nurture, to clients, right?

Well when you’ve also got this you go to strategy to audience and you go audience to list. Well when people are on your list, they’re also going to come back here to your audience. They are going to kind of rotate through because you’re going to let your list know what’s going on out in audience,right?

So once they come down here to nurture, part of your nurture process is going to drive them back up to the audience things you’re doing and back up to your list things that you’re doing. So all of this is going to become one big, huge whirlpool. I’ve used that example before, it becomes one big whirlpool, and eventually, everybody’s going to be touched on all of these levels.

Alright, Julie says,

"Two weeks, not weekly?"

I know you’re referring to, your snail mail, this is physical mail you send in the mail should be every two weeks, without fail. This is not email, email should be absolutely, minimum one time a week, absolutely.

Alright let me keep looking at the thing, the questions.

Rick says,

"How far out should a pin-drop be under just listed ads?"

So where are the people buying from? So in our market when we were targeting, we couldn’t do this with Facebook back then so be that as it may but if I were actively doing it now with investors I knew the top five counties around the country that investors were buying from, they were buying in.

Our market from these five counties, this was like 14 years ago, Facebook didn’t exist so I couldn’t do this but we did do it via direct mail and we did do it via investors clubs so we connected at the time with investors clubs and we went and did presentations to these areas where we knew people were buying in our county right?

You can do that on Facebook now so if you know that people are buying, you’ve got 3-bedroom, 2-bath, you know a lot people buy 3-bedroom, 2-bath rent ready homes to rent out.

In our market it’s kind of crazy right now and people are buying again. It’s a little high for investors but they’re still buying again.

Here’s the thing, when you know where they’re buying from you can pin-drop that audience wherever they are. So one of the counties was King County in Seattle. That’s 5 hours away from us. Another was Ada County in Boise, another county was Orange County in California, another was San Diego and then Spokane County.

So we had 5 counties that we knew were buying in our area and we targeted heavily. Heavily, heavily Orange County and San Diego County. Those were the 2 counties we targeted the most and Seattle.

So these numbers, like all of that stuff I just told you totally different now. The way you find that out is by going onto the census bureau website and look at the migration patterns for that. So when Rick says, “How far out should a pin-drop be under a “Just Listed” ads, it should be where you think people are going to buy that property from or where do they tend to come from?

If they’re first time home buyers, you want to be in areas where people are mostly renting. If they are move-up, if you have a listing and it’s a “move-up” listing, so a first time buyer wouldn’t buy it but the next move-up they would then you need to target where those homes are that first-time buyers own okay? That’s what you always want to be doing.

Lisa said “So if I have a listing I can run an ad essentially even while building my audience” Absolutely.

Tammy are laughing at me because my head is crazy? Yeah, totally crazy.

Julie says,

"Do you use Send Out Cards for the snail mail?"

Yes – Abso-freakin-lutely. Yes or a newsletter type correspondence. We used to just individual newsletters or just individual things, but I switched it all over to Send Out Cards, because it was way stinking easier. And they were getting actual cards and things like that. Totally awesome!

Joe says, “What about 1st Time Home Buyer ads featuring $0 Down?”

‘You know that is a great thing, I think they don’t believe it. A lot of things, I wouldn’t even say $0 down. I would go more into like “Buy a house with no upfront cost, no down payment, no nothing.” I would talk about all the different things. Talk about their credit, people with FHA, buying though FHA, they could have a 580 credit score and buy FHA.

So a lot of people don’t realize they could have fairly poor credit and still buy a house. A lot of people don’t realize they could do like 3 and half percent down, or like I know our area has zero down.

Our area has what’s called…I can’t even remember what it’s called now but it is where there’s an organization that gives what’s called a soft second. They buy houses and refurbish them and sell them as new to very low-income people.

That’s a really great thing. It’s a really long, buying process and it can be very stressful, but it’s a really great thing. We did several of them when we’re doing them. Well Chuck did them or they would have driven me batty, not the people but the process.

So we had those, but you need to talk about those because people don’t realize that the limits have gone up on FHA. Maybe they don’t realize that.

It’s honestly better to focus on their desires not the statistics. I’m sorry, not the factual numbers. People don’t care that interest rates have gone up because they have no idea what that means.

They don’t believe our warnings that they’re going up because you know, they don’t believe us.

So you need to do more things that focus on their desires. If they’re like, “man if I buy a house right now I can barely get in, this is all I can afford.” Then you tell them well 3 weeks ago you could have afforded this because the interest rates have gone up so you could have afforded this.

Don’t hesitate but make sure the information is factual and timely. Do not try to use the whole scare mongering thing. That’s why people think real estate agents are worse than used car salesmen.Because they don’t believe us so do it in a way that they will believe us.

Tammy says “not to mention it sounds like stated income approvals are coming back.” I hope not, because, if you guys know, the California market right now is softening, it’s softening. And they lead the country, they lead us.

So I’ve been telling probably for the last four or five months, I’ve been telling everyone that we probably have about eighteen to twenty four more months in our upward progression in our market at least at the speed it’s going up. And, I’m thinking, we are either going to flatten out or go down and the minute that news came out about California I’m like “I called it” because it’s just history.  

Every eight to ten years this happens in California. Prices go crazy, then they crash, prices go crazy, then they crash. It doesn’t happen everywhere but our market is affected by the California market.

Now it was really bad in the recession, of course, because anybody could get any type of loan. Like all you had to do literally was write on this piece of paper with a Sharpie that I make 3 million dollars a year. Can I get  three million dollar in loans? People were getting that and it was ridiculous..

Hopefully they’ve fixed that so that’s not happening.  Now, I know you can’t do stated income right now, and the credit requirements haven’t loosened up so we’ll see,.I know costs are going up.

So these are all the different things you can do. The thing is you can use these…these are considered “scaremongering” to the buyer. They don’t believe what you tell them, because they don’t believe you. So if you want your ads to work, you have got to run your ads focused on their desires, focused on what they want, on what they believe to be true, on what they believe they should be able to have.

So that’s why, when I went through all six of these. I was very clear that it’s about them. Not about the interest rates, not about the zero down.

We keep thinking in the “sell this crap” mindset, when it’s in “how do we help them achieve the life that they want.” That’s the mindset that you need to be in, to be able to communicate with them so that they will listen to you so that they will stop the scroll. That is the key. It’s like completely separate mindsets.  

We’re used to like selling our products or peddling our wares when we actually need to be solving their problems and helping them through the journey. Same thing, but the perspective is completely different because by helping them through their journey, we are going to be utilizing the products that we have and what we know, right?

If people are like “I’m frustrated in this neighborhood, we’ve been renting, whatever you’re going to go “Oh okay I’ve got this zero down loan,” or “Oh okay I’ve got FHA” but they are not going to hear you when you say “zero down” or “FHA.” They are going to hear you when you say “oh, neighbors got you down? Are you tired of the noise? Sick of living with neighbors who smoke? Sick of living wall to wall?”

Whatever those things are for that person, that desire to buy their own house that’s what you need to use. That’s where you are going to have your success. That’s where you are going to stop the scroll and that’s where you are going to actually get results and get leads from Facebook.

Once you get people on your list how do you nurture them so that they turn into clients? We are going to talk about the nurture piece. And then number five is going to be the conversion piece.

So we are going to talk about how nurturing is actually converting, all next week. How do you get those people that are on your list to give you a ring-a-ling-ling, and say “hey, I want buy a house,” or “hey, I want to sell my house.” How do you do that? We are going to talk about that.

Kim says “this is great! Going to use the pin ad idea to run an ad to renters for a entry level condos!” Great! Perfect! Just make sure you focus on their desires. Make sure you focus on them.

So this is kind of like a “features” versus “benefits” thing. If you describe a house as a “three bedroom, two bath house, fully fenced, RV parking, etc, etc” those are just features.

But if you describe a house as a “room-to-grow kind, a backyard that every single dog would love, space to put to your RV so you can plan those trips,” if you talk about it through the benefits, like what it would actually look like and feel like, it will pull completely different responses.

People aren’t into the facts. They are into what it feels like. They’re into what it looks like for their life. That’s what they are into.

So features versus benefits. Everything. Facts versus desires. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you are an engineer, you buy based on emotion, period.

A lot of engineers or a lot of people who think they don’t buy based emotions, they are liars. They just don’t know themselves. Every single person, every single purchase you have ever made, I don’t care if you spread sheet it to Kingdom Come, your emotion drove the decision.

It totally did which is exactly why we all justify every single purchase that we make. We do it.

So if you want to reach buyers that want to buy something, you have got to reach their emotion. You have to. You have to reach that.  That’s their desire, their reason for buying or their reason for selling.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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