Multiple ads, benefits, opt-ins

Did you know that there are 3 things you can do on ever single Facebook ad you run that virtually guarantees you’ll get results from those ads, that ad?

There are 3 things…..

Two days ago  I did a video for you on “The 6 ways to capture real estate leads from Facebook.” and from that video you guys had questions and so I am coming at you here today  with more of a deep dive in one section of that video that you guys were asking about.

Because it was like, “How do I run ads that actually gets results?” I see all the ways you’re talking about it but how do I get results? I run all these ads and I don’t get results.

Well guess what?

There are 3 things and I see NOT done at all, pretty much not done ever which is why your ads aren’t getting results. We’re going to go over those three things today.

What Are The 3 Very Specific Things You Can Do To Get Results?

Alright are you ready for today? Are ya? Are ya? I think so.

Alright so the 3 things, there are 3 very specific things that you can do to get results.

Do you know what those are? Does anybody, do any of you know what those are?

Run Multiple Ads

The very first one is that you need to run multiple ads – that’s the first part of it. You need to run MULTIPLE ADS and you need each ad to address a very specific problem or concern.

They must be very specific. In other words just running an ad that says, “Hey, home values are going up, do you want to get your home value so you can sell?”

People are going to scroll right past that ad but if you adjust that ad to address a specific problem or concern to a very specific demographic of people and I don’t necessarily mean money.

I mean a demographic that might actually have that problem. That’s when things change. That’s when you keep doing something. So what is there pain point for wanting to sell or buy?

If they’re selling right now and we’re talking about a home value ad; do they want to buy again? Do they want to upgrade? Are they afraid that if they sell right now they won’t be able to find something else to replace what they have?  Are they you know…there’s all kind of different things so you need to run multiple ads and address a specific problem in each ad.

Most of us are just running ads like, “Hey do you want to sell? “ “Hey look at these listings” etc.

We don’t actually address the specific problems, the individual pain point so this is they key, key, key, key. Okay?

Focus On The Benefits Not The Features

Number two and this is kind of a biggie.. You need to focus on the benefits and not the features.

What do I mean?

Well what does a specific feature so if you’re  advertising your listings or even if you’re using one of the 6 ways I told you on Saturday to capture leads from Facebook, if you’re using one of those six ways and one of those six ways was leveraging – you’re leveraging current listings through IDX to get people to do something,

You need to focus on the benefits. Why would they want? What is their lifestyle like or what type of lifestyle are they moving into that would suggest they want a 4 bedroom home?

There are a lot of reasons people want a 4-bedroom home, in-laws moving in, home based business, extra craft room, growth in the family, maybe more kids? There are all kinds of reasons so all of those reasons should be an individual ad. Because each one is a pain point.

So here’s the thing, 4-bedroom home, say you’re running ads about 4-bedroom homes.

If you’re going to focus on the benefits and not the features you need to find out that pain point to find out what the benefit is for them.

Do they need more room to stretch out?
Does Mom finally need her own craft space?
Does Dad need his own work space?
Did Mom start a business and she needs an office?
Did Dad start telecommuting and he needs an office?
Are they doing in-home daycare and they need a space for the kids?
Are they having an in-law or a parent move in with them? Are they having another baby?
Are they becoming a YouTube fashion guru and they need an extra room for a closet?

You know of all of these things each one of those is a feature. It’s the same benefit – a 4th bedroom – but each one of those is a different lifestyle feature. That’s why you need to run multiple Facebook ads focusing on the feature. Basic 4-bedroom of course but there are a lot of reasons why people would want that and you need to address those reasons.

You need to address those needs in that. That is the key.

Let me give you an example with these first two : We’ve been looking at RV’s again, some of you know, a lot of you might not that between 2012 and 2013 we were running our real estate team and decided to sell everything and go travel in our RV for a year and a half in our motor home. So we bought a motor home, traveled for a year and a half, ran our team from the road, etc.

So that is what we did. We sold our motor home just a couple of years ago, decided to plant it, bought a house a year ago and even now I have wanderlust. Let’s just face it, if I can get away for three days and go “camping”, it’s “glamping” because I don’t like to camp anymore. I decided I am to old for that.

But here’s the thing, I’ve been looking at RV’s, we’ve been looking at trailers, like no do we want a trailer? No. We’ve been looking at 5th wheels. We pretty much don’t like to pull anything. We really like motor homes but based on how we’re going to use our RV we don’t necessarily need a motor home.

So all of this to explain I’ve been looking at them on different websites so here is what’s happening in my Facebook news feed now. This is an element of re-targeting but I want you to be very clear on this. They are using my specific benefit-need and showing me lifestyle stuff.

I have looked at Class C’s, Class A’s, 5th wheels and trailers. I have not looked at pop up trailers or tent trailers and I’ve not looked at diesel pushers. So I have been getting ads in my feed very specific to my needs. 

Sometimes I’ll see trailer ads, other times I see Class C ads, other times I’ll see Class A ads so the key here is….they are looking at my need based on my search on their site. That’s the thing, they are focusing on very specific, they’re not trying to show me ALL of the RV’s. They’re trying to show me specifically what I am interested in.

Now again, these are based on me searching on their site and you can’t necessarily know that with your IDX but you can run people’s specific problems, specific desires that they have. Hopefully, that makes sense to you with the example that I used.

You Need To Drive Your Ads

Number three, number three is the killer if it’s not done of all ads. It is the killer. Here’s what we do, we throw up an ad that doesn’t actually address a pain point, we just focus on some features and not benefits.

And we point them back to our website or we point them back to that proverbial search page on our website where they have to input 5 gazillion flipping things in all of this stuff, or even a home value ad where they put all of this stuff to get to an end result.

You need to drive your ads, your people that are looking at your ads, you have to drive them to a very specific lead captured singular focused landing page. Not your website, not to the ability to search.

I know we think we’re doing a service when we say here look at these houses and then we let them go and figure out their own search, but we’re actually not helping helping them. We’re actually making it so like “umm yeah I’m not going to go look at that.”

So  let’s use that 4-bedroom home again. If you’re going to run an ad and let’s just say, you’re going to target people who need a home office.

Okay let’s just say Mom or Dad has decided they want to telecommute or they’re starting their own business or whatever but they need a home office. They need a space they can close the door on, so they need a 4th bedroom or something like that, so that is what we’re going to focus on in this example.

So you need to work on the benefit, the BENEFIT is that hey can both run their business, get their work done and enjoy their family, both productively and happily.

So that is a big benefit,  being able to set a work time, a schedule and let your work commute be twenty-feet, that’s what mine is. I mean I work here. This is one of the bedrooms in our house that I’m using as a home office which is why we bought a 5-bedroom house so that I’d have an office space.

You need to make sure you use that as a benefit, not just “Hey it’s 4-bedrooms” but “Hey do you need a space that you can actually get work done in?” or if you’re going to use it as a craft room, promote the craft room aspect or maybe someone is going to start making extra money for the family teaching music or teaching piano so they need a music room or a music studio.

Whatever it is, run ads. Don’t give them a bunch of ideas in the ad.

Give one. Give one idea in the ad and run it out there and look at what people respond to. Now that ad, all of the ads because they are related to 4-bedrooms homes can all point to your list of 4 bedroom homes on your IDX.

And you need make sure you require registration. I is pointless to run a ad, a paid ad, a paid traffic ad to a list you’re just giving it away to everybody. This is not the space where you give them one looksy and that’s it. You’re paying for this. You get your butt over there and you put registration on there for paid traffic-ads.

Require registration. They can look at the list but if they want anything else they must register.

That’s the point because you’re giving them exactly what they want. They responded to that ad and you got exactly what they want, make them register. That’s the point. You just saved them a whole bunch of time,

They don’t have to go to Zillow or and do all these feature lists and all these things to meet that need. You did that work  for them. That is worth something. Require registration. You have to!

Let’s Review

Alright,so let’s review this real quick, three specific things that if you change these, if you do these, they will virtually guarantee every ad you run will get results.

The first one, you need to address a very specific problem in the ad – One, one specific problem or desire or concern. Just one, okay?

Number two, you need to focus on the benefits not the features. If you are advertising a a home or list of homes like I used a little bit earlier in the 4-bedroom home example, you don’t just say 4-bedroom home. You talk about why they would want a 4-bedroom home. And be very specific.

For some people it’ll be a family growth. Maybe they’re having babies. Maybe they’re bringing family into the house. For other people it maybe business. For other people it will be man cave, for other people it will be a women’s zone, for other people a play room, a closet whatever reason, each one of those is a different ad, each one of those is a different ad.

You are working toward, but they’re all going to the same stuff, they’re going to the same listings, they just have different reasons for buying. Everyone has a different reason for buying and if you get to their lifestyle desires, what their desires are you will home run this every single time.

This is big, this is the big piece of this whole training right now. This training is on the features vs.benefit. It’s one thing to say 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom home, 3 car garage, this and that.

Why would someone want a 3 car garage? Just for having a 3 car garage? No, they either want a work space or they have toys like jet skis or small boats or ATV’s they want to garage or they have more drivers in the house than garage spaces.

This is just three reasons. There are a whole bunch of reasons why would somebody would want a 3 car garage? Those reasons right there if you could address those in an ad, one reason per ad, that’s going to change everything for you. That will literally change everything for you,

Alright so those are the 3 reasons and as I said I’ll give you my notes. Just

It’s super easy so all you have to do is click those things. I’ve recapped it real quick and then I’ve got a link to this video so you can come back to this video and you can take more notes.

What I really hope you will do with this is go look at your ads and tweak them and make them work better for you. Just do some tweaking so you will get more results from them.

Q & A

Rick says: 

"Can your lead page reveal at least one of the homes fitting a search option?"

No, you should probably if you are using a Ontraport but the problem with that will be is that those homes change constantly and you’ll have to be changing that landing page constantly.

So if you want to do that I suppose you could do that, however, you’re taking the photo and you’re putting it somewhere else and you don’t have rights to that photo but what you would want to do is maybe use a Canva image of like you said a home with pools and then “click see all homes with pools here” in Rick’s case.

And all you want….the least amount of request that you can make on their information is better so if you can just ask for their email just ask for their email.  

Let me see the other questions you have: 

"My ads keep getting rejected and I have to appeal each time?"

So Marilyn if your ads keep getting rejected either you’re breaking one of their rules or like literally breaking one of the rules so maybe the ad is a housing ad and you’re not saying that you’re in compliance. With any housing ad you’re going to get the thing so it will say “Accept compliance” or whatever or it’s not a housing ad.

You need to do that and so for a lot of you as Realtors that will pop up every single time you run an ad. That’s just the way it is.You have to do that. You have to say you’ll be in compliance.

Two, you may have text in your videos and in your pictures.You can’t have text in the pictures and this one I realized that I have this purple thing this call to action. I had that highlighted when I first came on which means I won’t be able to run this as an ad. So I was bummed about that so that’s why you don’t want any TEXT on your video or your image in the beginning.

I am trying to think of some of the other reasons why ads would be rejected. It could be the verbiage that you’re using. If you use negative verbiage and meaning like if it makes somebody feel bad or draws out something that people don’t want drawn out like if they deal with depression you can’t really use that word. Things like that. There’s a whole list of different things that you can or can’t use.

Alright you guys, you are awesome! Again, this was kind of a subset from Saturday’s training, that I did which was “The SIX ways to capture real estate leads from Facebook”  That video is on this page, the Leads and Leverage with Christina Ethridge page so you can watch it.

Paul says: 

"No more 20% text rule for images?"

Yes, it’s there, it’s just not mandatory, but they’re still doing everything about it. If you’ve got text on that image depending on how much text that is. If it’s more than 20% text, they pretty much pull it so far back and charge you so much more because they don’t want text going out over Facebook.  

Basically still have to stick to the 20% text rule. Even though, they say it’s not a rule anymore which is basically you just need to stick to it. It’s better not to have text in your images, it’s just better to not do that.

Remember I was talking about all these different things. Nurture – How to convert those suckers is next. Well actually Nurture is next and then conversion to actual sales and people. People and money. People and money. Those are the next 2 videos we will be watching this week on the Leads and Leverage page.

You are awesome. Thank you!

That says yes I’m allowed to send you a message and the very next message you will get from me will be the notes with the link to this replay.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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