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I actually was in a group recently and it’s a group for real estate agents.  People were talking Facebook ads and somebody got in there selling services to you guys and said, “Hi agents. Do you boost your Facebook ads? “Did you know that you should have 500 organic views before you boost to get the most bang for your buck?”

I just, you know so many times I don’t jump in and say something and just get into a war with people in those groups because really a lot of times it’s just a big war.

But here’s the thing. We’re going to talk about the lies we believe and the truths we ignore when it comes to boosting. When it comes to Facebook ads. When it comes to our posts. We’re going to talk about that.

Do You Boost Your Facebook Posts?

Do you boost your Facebook posts? I’m going to talk about the lies we believe, the truths we ignore. Let’s start with the lies.

“First of all, the first lie that was in the question  “Did you know that you should have 500 organic views before you boost to get the most bang for your buck?”

It’s just a flat out lie. Absolutely no. There are a couple of different ways of boosting. You do not have to have any.  It could be, you don’t need any organic views before boosting.

There are some things that you can do called pre-juicing, etc.  but you’ve already boosted it. It doesn’t make any sense. If you have a page with a 100 people on it, a 100 page likes on it, it’s going to be really hard for you to get 500 organic views.

It’s just a flat out , I don’t know who made this up, well I do.  I know the person who shared this, but I was like, are you for real? Really? That’s never been an issue. That’s never.

In all the years of Facebook ads, never even been on there. There have been people who have tried to speculate, how best, when best to push out a post, when best to put money behind something. That is definitely not one of the answers.

Should You Use the Boost Button?

All right the next one. The lies we believe. That we should go ahead and use the boost button. That’s number two. No. You should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, you should never, ever, ever.

Have I said it enough? You should never, ever, ever use the boost button. Never. Ever.

It’s the most expensive and least effective way to run an ad. It’s meant for people who just want to throw money at Facebook and not really get results. That’s what the boost button is for. That flat out is what the boost button is for. So you never use the boost button.

And the other thing, most of us only boost listings or open houses. We don’t boost other stuff. So we only boost listings and open houses. That is a lie that we believe. We’re going to talk about what the specifics are under truth.

The Lies

So the three lies. You do not need 500 organic views before boosting to get the most bang for your buck. That is a flat out lie.

Number two, you should not be using the boost button. You need to be using ads manager. Do not use the boost button.

Number three, you should not be boosting only listings and open houses. Only stuff that gets us a sale supposedly. Those are lies.

The Truths

The truth is that your page, your Facebook business page is number one a conduit from Facebook to your database.

You are building your list. Everything about your real estate business, your focus should be to build your list and nurture your list. Build your list and nurture your list. Your page is a conduit from Facebook to your list. That’s what it is.

There are multiple ways to leverage this conduit. There’s multiple ways to get people to swirl around and get into a relationship with you so they’ll go into your list but your page is a conduit. It is not your hub.

Your page needs to be relationship focused. You are building relationships with people. So your number one truth is that your page needs to be focused on building relationship which means that what you’re boosting needs to be about building relationships not selling crap.

Yes, you’re going to sell so here’s the thing.

You should be doing an eight to one ratio. For every single thing that you push out through an ad or a boost, every single thing, eight of the posts should be non-sales. They should be all about creating engagement, getting people to like, comment, share, having conversations with you.

That eight of those posts are all about just a relationship. One of those posts are about a sale. Getting them to an open house. Getting them into an opt in. Getting them to call you. Whatever it is.

So eight should not be about a sale but about a relationship and one should be about a sale. Come to an open house. Go to an opt. Here’s a new listing. Opt in to get this, etc.

Use Ads Manager

The next thing, you need to be using ads manager not the boost button. With ads manager you’re going in and you’re going to actually going to have much better leverage. You’re going to have much better control over your targeting, over your budgeting, over your timing, over your creative pulling in the post, etc.

It’s easy to pull in a post that’s already been posted right into ads manager and have all that control. It’ll cost you less per action. Not only that, you can actually track it better than boosting because you can run cross comparisons. I know that’s getting into some data stuff but you can actually compare and see what people are responding to better.

Relational Posts

You always want to have at least two relational posts, engagement posts, viral posts, whatever you want to call them.  You always want to have two posts running as ads at all times. Not sales ones. Not opt ins, not open houses, etc. You always want to have two non-sales posts running at all times.

Why? Because number one, you need to keep, build and keep a really good Facebook ad reputation with Facebook. Always. So you need to have something that doesn’t take people off of Facebook and people don’t negatively report it for the most part is number one.

Expand Your Reach and Engagement

You need to be constantly expanding your reach and getting more engagement. Your page needs to be continuing to get engagement. That is a like, that is a comment, that is a share, that is a page view, that is a click through. Anything. It doesn’t matter. It needs to have some engagement because that builds your reputation with Facebook.

And then Facebook pushes out more of your stuff organically. So when you pay and push out stuff that does not take people off Facebook. Facebook likes that. They will reciprocate and push out more of your organic stuff. Funny how that works.

The Four Truths

So the four truths are number one, your page focus is a relationship. Your relationship and it’s a conduit. It is not your hub. It’s not your destination. You’re going to use it as a conduit and build relationships.

Two, use ads manager not the boost button.

Three, always have at least two relationship focused posts running through ads. Always be pushing them out running through ads.

And four, use an eight to one ratio. That means for every one sales post like in a listing, an open house, an opt in, something like that for every one of those you have eight non-sales ads. These are all ads that you’re doing going.

That’s what you want. Do not use your page to just throw up your listings. Make sure you have eight other posts that are non-sales, non-listing related compared to that. That’s the eight to one ratio.

The Three Lies

So there you have it. You have the lies, three lies.

You do not need any amounts of organic engagement whatsoever before boosting a post. At all. And it doesn’t give you more bang for your buck if you do. It doesn’t.

Second, do not use the boost post button.

Third, don’t boost only listings and open houses.

More On The Truths

Your page, your page focus is relationship which means that eight to one. For every one single sales posts you put out you want eight relationship focused posts especially when I’m talking ads here.

Two, do not use boost button, use ads manager.

Three, always have at least two posts running as ads. Two relationship boosts running as ads. Posts that you boost but you go through ads manager.

And four, eight to one ratio. For every one sales posts, a listing, an open house, an opt in or something, that you turn into an ad, have eight that are relational non-salesy, no call to action as far as come opt in, come do anything like that. Have eight that are relational running compared to your ads.

That does not mean you have to have nine running at all times. It just means that make sure you’re running eight and then one. Don’t run three or four listing posts and only have only run three or four regular posts if that makes sense. Hopefully that makes sense.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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