short answer, yes.

Should you?

“Social Media wasn’t created to sell…” and other altruistic myth’s “the experts” tell us…

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The reality is, phones weren’t created to be GPS devices either. But they are used that way.

Don’t put “Social Media” into a box because some “expert” says you can or can’t do something. Nearly 100% of the time, they are wrong. It’s their opinion, not reality.

Don’t fall into their trap. (video above)

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LNL TV Episode #08


Hi there! This is Christina with Leads and Leverage. And today, I've actually, it's a question and it's a statement. So it's two, two things today. Really, I actually hear this. Unfortunately, I hear it from experts in the industry a lot. And, actually, an agent came to me and said, “You know, I heard that I should just be showing up and engaging with people on Facebook. That I shouldn't be selling.”

The other thing I've heard from other people, people teaching from platforms and things like that is that Social Media wasn't created for selling. It wasn't created to sell. And, both of these actually tie in together. That on the one hand, you've got people saying, “You need to just be social. You need to be there. It wasn't created to sell. You shouldn't be selling things like that.”

So here it is, the telephone was not created to be a GPS device for us to drive around and find our way. The telephone was not created for us to be on Facebook, to engage with people. The telephone was created so that people could call each other and talk. That's why it was created. However, just because something is created for one reason, does not mean that it doesn’t grow and adapt and change to be another reason.

Computers were not created to be in our homes, sitting on our desks, carried around on little microscopic. You know, phones like this or on our laptops. That wasn't their intention when they were created. However, things adapt, things change, people use things differently. So, that's the first thing you really need to understand. Just because something wasn't created to be due or whatever, doesn't mean that you can't use it.

Don't put it in a box. Doesn't mean it can't be adapted. Don't put things in a box. That's the very first thing I had to say. And, if you're going to limit yourself to thinking that you can't sell on social media, you're putting it into a box. And just stop, stop! So that's kind of the first element of that question.

But, the part that really got me was, you know, that I should just be showing up and engaging with people on Facebook. And then, I shouldn't be selling and that the sales will happen. That is actually kind of a flat out blatant lie. Let's use this in a real life face-to-face example.

Just because you show up, so you're part of the chamber of commerce, just because you show up at chamber of commerce events and you talk to people. It doesn't mean that you're going to get sales. In fact, that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Especially if you don't do any selling. If you don't do any listening and pulling people in and hearing what their problems are.

And then, solving those problems through selling, through educating. Educating people on a process and on how things happen is part of selling. It's coming from a servant's heart of course but it's still part of selling. So, if you're going to be involved in something, whether that is Facebook or Social Media. Or whether that's your local chamber of commerce. Or whether that is whatever you're involved in.

You can't just show up and expect to get sales. Things aren't just going to fall into place. That is a lie. I mean, it's a flat-out. It happens at times. But, it's one little thing here and there. You're not going to be able to feed your family on the fall. Into place of events that happen. You must be proactive. You need to proactively approach the right people, the right network. You need to continue to stay in contact with that network outside of that event. Whatever event it is that you're going to.

Which means, for your chamber events, you need to be going. You need to know who you're going to make contact with. How you can help them and how they can help you. You know, it's all of a pay-off, pay-off thing. The same person that you help may not necessarily be the same person that helps you, but you helped, you are helped. It's the way it works.

The same way on social media. Yeah, you can show up and engage and you need to, you need to be there. You need to be where people are and you need to engage. But, you also need to be proactively pulling people into your database. And by database, I mean, into the place that you're going to build a deeper relationship with them. That is part of selling.

You can't just be reactive to what happens around you. And I mentioned this last week, you know, people don't compartmentalize. You can't compartmentalize your life, you as an agent. So, if you didn't see last week, go to last week's post where I said, you know, “People don't go to Facebook to buy houses” and “You're right”. That don't, however, we don't compartmentalize our lives.

You can't compartmentalize yours either. You can't just go to Facebook to talk and expect that it will produce referrals and results for you. You need to be proactive. You need to have a strategy. You need to understand. So don’t fall under the umbrella of thinking of putting social media into a box.

That you can't sell on it. You know what I think they're actually saying? And they, this may or may not be true. I could be putting assumptions on here. But, what I think they're actually saying is that, “Don't go out there into social media” and “Don't go out there”.

See, my screen did that again, guys. Sorry about that. Don't go out there and just slam your listings out to people. You know, you wouldn't go to a chamber event and slap a listing on your forehead and wear it around and go “See,see, see, see!” You wouldn't do that. So I think, and now this is putting an assumption, but I think that's what they're talking about.

But as far as you either saying it in a way that makes you think that you can just kind of go to a networking event, a chamber of commerce event. And, sit there and people will just come to you or you can go to people and talk and somehow that'll get you sales. It doesn't work that way. You have, like I said, you have to have a strategy.

You have to be proactive, you have to pursue. If somebody gives you a referral. If somebody said, you're not, you're at an event or you're on Facebook and they say, “Hey, my friend, blah, blah, blah, is looking for a house.” Just put in to say, “Hey, I can help them”. That doesn't get you the deal. That doesn't seal the deal.

You need to help them. You need to figure out a way to be proactive and help them. It takes effort on your part. And, it's not just having a conversation on Facebook and it's not just being there. And like I said, ignore the naysayers who say Social Media wasn't created for selling. Ignore them.

It was created to engage, to build relationships. I mean, it was created for whatever reason it was created. It doesn't matter, things change. And now, it's related. It's there for us to deepen relationships. Facebook especially and Twitter, both are really now there for us to be able to target.

To bring people into our sphere. We can target them through ads. Bring them into our sphere and we can build relationships with them. I mean, because ultimately, to work with people in real estate, you got to build some sort of relationship. They have to, whether you know them intimately or not, they have to know and trust you. And, whether that's through video or through your emails or however it is, that's a relationship.

It might not be a fully equal balance to a relationship but it is a relationship. And, you can't build a relationship unless you bring people in. You can't build a relationship with phantom people. So, bring people into your funnel, into your database. And, start building a relationship with them. And that, and don't put social media into a box.

And, don't just think you can just sit there and wait for the grapes to be plopped into your mouth because it doesn't work that way. So if, again, if you have any questions, this was kind of a big, long.. It was two different elements that I saw this last week and somebody asked me that question. So if you have questions, please bring them over to the Facebook for Real Estate Agents group.

It's and let me know what your questions are and I'll answer them for you. And, I'll try and help you to lead, generate, and use Facebook for the two ways you can use it. One is to deepen the relationships with the people you already know. That's through your personal profile and, two, is to bring in more people into your sphere so you can get to know more people.

So you can have more relationships. So you can have more business. Alright! This is Christina with Leads and Leverage. Have a great week!

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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