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LNL Blog POst Should I have multiple Facebook business pages

Should you? Some agents feel that multiple pages is the best way to go… a page for each listing, a page for each neighborhood, a page for buyers, a page for sellers…

But is it really the ‘best’ way to go? Will you actually benefit from multiple pages? Will multiple pages bring in more leads?

Find out in today’s episode: (video above)

LNL TV Episode #06


Hi this is Christina with Leads and Leverage. Today I'm actually gonna answer a question and it’s actually come to me from my mastermind group as well as from some general public stuff that I do. So the question is “Should I have multiple facebook pages, one for  buyers, one for sellers?

Now I ask this question in the Facebook for real estate group, it’s a public group and I actually asked how many pages you have? A single page in multiple pages and here’s some of the responses that I got. You know I have multiple pages, I have pages for friends and family. I have one for prospects, I have one for each neighborhood I farm, one for each listing, I have one for each niche, I have one with homes for sale and one for friends and clients with house tips and lots more responses but those are kind of a summary.

Then of course, there’s a lot of people have single you know things like that. (So here’s here’s I’m trying to verbalize this really well for you). Here’s the deal, okay when you get into real estate, “exposure”, we’re told “exposure”, we’re told that we need lots of exposure so that we can somehow hit on the person who would need our services right then and then we can capture them as a lead okay.

So that’s kind of exposures the thing, name recognition, branding that’s the focus. Now that makes sense back then or even now. When you are doing a billboard, the more billboards you have, the more people you’ll reach. The more chance that you’ll reach someone who might be in need of your services right then, makes sense.

Same with print advertising, you know that the homes magazines? That there’s still some out there. Same with print, the more houses that you have listed in there, the more pages that you use, the more likely somebody’s going to call you. Same with print classified advertising, it’s the same thing. That makes sense, that’s exposure.

It’s not necessarily name recognition or branding although we think it is, its secondary, but that’s exposure. It even comes to play on the web, to an extent. See we have this idea that we need multiple websites. We need one for buyers, when for solos, one for neighborhoods, one for this, one for that. And in reality what we need is one big strong main website and multiple landing pages. So there’s a difference in that.

But then we extend this idea to Facebook. We extended thinking, “ooh we need a page for buyers, we need a page for sellers, we need a page for a niche, da-da-da”. So we need all these pages but Facebook isn’t the web. It’s a funnel. Your pages on Facebook, you’re going to have branding and name recognition benefits but they aren’t your focus on Facebook and Facebook is meant for a funnel.

People don’t go to your Facebook page to research stuff about you. They go to your website to do that. In fact less than two percent of the people who’ve ever liked your business page actually visited your business page. Didn’t actually go to your page to like it. So with that kind of exposure, 98% of the people who are connecting with you even if they like your page, they’re not actually going to your page. Your page is a funnel.

So there’s two directions on this funnel though, there’s the information you’re putting out there to pull them into your funnel and your funnel, it’s a slide. It’s a slide to your capture pages, to your website, to your things like that, to your database. So with that in mind, if you do multiple pages and you’re going to be less effective or it’s gonna be a mess for you.

And the other thing is you’re going to compete against yourself. It’s like on Ebay, if you bid under one profile for and item and then you bid under another profile for the exact same item you’re going to be out bidding yourself. That’s the same way it works on Facebook. If you use Facebook as a funnel, you only need one page for everything because you’ll utilize your posts and your ads to do your different funnels. You just need one page.

Now the other thing is with Facebook graph search, the way it’s working out, the way posts are coming up in search now. The way pages are coming up in search now, you want to put your time and effort into one page because you want that one page to be valuable information. ( to do and ) Believe me I’m coming from a “I did listing pages, I did neighborhood pages, I did all these different pages” but that was before Facebook change. That was before when they didn’t really have a plan for helping to do ads, for the exposure that they have now. It was different when I was looking at it as a brochure or as a way to make my sellers happier things like that.

It’s actually much, much more powerful if you have built a page, a single page and you’ve got a thousand 2,000 - 3,000 targeted likes, TARGETED. I’m not talking about just likes on the page but these are targeted people in your community. People who want to use your services at some point. If you’ve got two or three thousand likes on that page, or several hundred likes on that page and then you go to your website and you create a neighborhood page, or you keep filling it with information, or you create a page for your listing and you keep filling that with information.

And then you take those and you put those out through Facebook ads or through  facebook posts or things like that. (If you put them out that way, just a second my screen went blank, sorry about that I'd have to get back on to get into this video)  So if you put them out that way you’re gonna get more power, you’re gonna get more exposure to more targeted people that way. And when Facebook goes and you do the graph search and people pull up information. Say they’re looking for you know, hometown real estate or home town houses or hometown of answer whatever that is, then your page is gonna come up. If you’ve got multiple pages they’re gonna see all these pages with 20 or 30 likes on them and no activity and they’ll see those and that’ll be just an absolute waste of time and money.

So focus on one page, make it your power page and use it as your funnel. so the post you put on it you’re gonna funnel into your database or funnel into a lead capture page or funnel into a neighborhood site or funnel into a listing page. Don’t separate, don’t make a page for your friends and family and a page for your business. No your profile, your personal profile is for your friends and family. That’s where you’re going to get referrals. Your page is about your business and you’re going to want to put information on there about the community. You’re going to put lots of information on there about real estate.

The problem is this people think “Oh, I need to have two separate pages in this regard because I don’t want to inundate my friends and family with real estate stuff”. Well stop asking friends and family to like your page. Go for targeted, go for people who are clients and have them like your page. Stop just kind of being willy-nilly about your likes. Focus on your target. You want people in your database and your page likes could be a quick little hand raised to guide people into the database but you want people there who are actually going to use your services.

So all this to say exposure isn’t the same thing on Facebook. You don’t want multiple pages, you don’t want to put your efforts and there’s one big huge reason why that I haven’t shared with you yet. That reason is you don’t own Facebook, you don’t own your pages, you don’t own your profile, you don’t own anything and Facebook can take it away.

And I’ve seen them do it they’ve taken away pages. They’ve taken away add accounts, they’ve taken away profiles. They turn you off and that’s it. Never ever invest all of that time and money into multiple pages, just don’t do it.
This is not the same thing as having multiple pages on the web. So put your power in your website. The site that you own, the landing pages that you own, that presence and drive your traffic from Facebook to that presence. That’s what you want to do.

Really long answer. I hope I gave you what you needed on this, what you were looking for on this. If you have questions for me I would love to answer them for you every week. I’m trying to do an answer on Facebook real estate. You know how you can use it in real estate business, how it works, the best way, most effective. Things you can completely ignore because they're not effective for you things like that.

So if you have questions please bring them to the Facebook for real estate agents group on Facebook and ask and I will answer them for you on these weekly sessions okay thanks so much! This is Christina with Leads and Leverage. I really love your questions thanks you guys.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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