Give the invisibility cloak to Harry Potter

Formerly Titled: Real Estate Agents!  Give the Invisibility Cloak back to Harry Potter.  Now!!

LNL Blog Post How To Convert Real Estate Prospects The Insider’s Secret You Must Know

The Invisibility Cloak can only be “used well” by an 11 year old Hogwarts student.  You, my friend, are not an 11 year old Hogwarts student.  You are a Real Estate Agent.

The question is . . . Which type of Real Estate Agent are you?

There are two types of Real Estate Agents.

One type of Real Estate Agent is a fan of cold calling, door knocking, direct mail, email drip campaigns, constantly contacting anyone and everyone.  They don’t care about annoying people.  They don’t care if they are bothering people.  They are sometimes likened with used car salesmen.

The other type of Real Estate Agent, isn’t. They can’t stand the idea of “in your face sales” or the idea of being likened to a “used car salesman”.  They prefer that people like them and willingly come to them without being bothered by constant marketing or prospecting.

Which one of these two types are you?

Which one of these two types gets the most business?

Must it be an all or nothing deal???

Here’s the REAL deal….

You absolutely, positively, must get over your fear of people potentially not liking you.  You must get over your preconceived idea of what you like or don’t like when it comes to being marketed or sold to.  Absolutely.  What you personally like or dislike is irrelevant.   Totally.

"I mailed to my farm every 10 days until they screamed at me to go away.  If people are not complaining and not talking about you, if you are not IN THEIR FACE, you are doing it wrong."  ~Mark Spain

Repetition is the absolute KEY to ANY type of successful sales.


I’m not lying to you.

Couple that with… Most Real Estate Agents think doing something twice is “repetition”.

Nope.  It’s not.

Repetition is constant.  Repetition is unceasing.  Repetition borders on annoying.  Repetition is often.  Repetition never stops (ok, that’s a repeat – see! I’m using repetition).

"Any real record person knows that the number one most powerful marketing tool when it comes to music is repetition."  ~Nile Rodgers

You must always be present.  If you can’t always be present, you must have something that keeps you present in your prospects and clients minds.

A prospect that “sees” you today (whether that be in person, on Facebook, in an email, on a postcard) won’t remember you two days from now, or even tomorrow.

A prospect that “sees” you 2-3 times in a row will start to remember you for a day or two, or even three.  Until you’ve let a few days lapse in between “seeing” them, then their memory fades quickly.

A prospect that “sees” you 6-8 times in a row will start to remember you in their longer term memory.  That is, until you’ve let a few weeks laps in between “seeing” them, then their memory fades…

To become solidified in a prospects mind you must must must get in front of them a minimum of 6-8 times within an initial 2-3 week period.  Must.

To continue to STAY in a prospects mind, you must STAY in front of them on at least a bi-weekly basis.  At minimum.

This changes depending upon the way your prospects “see” you.

How are your prospects “seeing” you now?  Are they a “fan” of your Facebook Page that you are sharing valuable content on at least once a day?  Are they on an email drip campaign so they “see” you via email at least once or twice a week?  Are they receiving a post card, gift card or newsletter via snail mail from you at least once or twice a month?  Are they hearing your voice at least once a quarter?  Are they seeing you IRL (in real life) at least once or twice a year?

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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