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So, what do you do, what ads do you run on Facebook when you don’t have any listings to sell?

Today, I’m going to talk to you about basically the perfect Facebook ad strategy and this whether you have any listings to sell or not but this is especially if you don’t have listings to sell right now what should your ad strategy look like, what should it be.

I’m going to tell you several things. First of all why this is so, what you should be doing and I’m going to walk you through the seven steps so today is going to be meaty, it’s going to be juicy and I’ve got lots of stuff to show you.

I’m Christina with Leads and Leverage and I help real estate agents, specifically, create more time, make more money and enjoy the journey.

That is the whole point of every day of our lives whether we’re working, whether we’re living, whatever we’re doing  the point is that we need to enjoy the journey, enjoy the process and I’ll tell you, there’s a whole lot in real estate being taught and promoted and it’s really not that fun. So let’s enjoy this journey- let’s make more time, let’s make more money and do it.

The real estate market is slowing down. There’s all kinds of people talking about “we are in another bubble,” “we’re this”, “we’re that” and “oh my goodness companies that buy houses are going to take over the market,” etc. All of this “alarmist” stuff is happening and I look at all of that and I just go “that’s been happening for the last twenty-three years that I have been in real estate.” Same thing, same time, it’s just a different medium that they’re delivering this all in.

How Can You Leverage Facebook and Facebook Ads

But what we are going to talk about is what can you, how can you leverage Facebook and Facebook ads so that regardless of whether you listings to sell or open houses or whatever, you’re still leveraging this wonderful, wonderful tool that’s being made available for free to us.

Of course you have to pay for ads but the tool itself is free and there are free things you can do that we will talk about in another show.

So alright are we ready for this? I’ve got all kinds of stuff for you today because this is kind of a big, juicy one and it’s one where you’re like I don’t understand how the ads interact, how they help and we’re going to through this today.

Alright, so first of all, I gotta tell you, I’ve had this “seven Facebook ads that you should be running. I did an article for either Inman or our website three or so years ago, and I named these ads. Some of them are named by Facebook things and others I named them and you’re going to see other people out there trying to sell the “seven Facebook ads you should be running.” They’re my name and they actually just physically copied it from me and when I listen to their stuff, it’s really funny because they have no idea who, what, when, why, how so I’m going to go ahead and tell you that. Let’s just get it out there so you know okay?

Here’s why I think this is important to teach you this- first of all, the article wasn’t enough, the training wasn’t enough, and second of all, back in May or June when Facebook opened up all of the ads that pages are running, so now, when you go to a page, if you scroll down on the left hand side, you are going to see an “Info and Ads” button that you can actually look and see what ads that page is running and where they are running them to/.

Now what you don’t see is any behind the scenes, you don’t see who they are targeting, you only know the country, you don’t see how long they’ve been running it, and you don’t see if it works or not. You don’t see any other strategies surrounding it.

You sort of can if you understand the process, but, here’s the thing- when that came about, of course I went out and looked at all of my major competition or even my peripheral competition and that’s when I found people who were like, they are still cheating, by the way, I talked to you about the gurus that cheat last week, speaking of, I went back to that page and they had stopped running ads but I looked back and they’ve got video ads running to Bangladesh and India and I can’t remember the third one.

They are just trying to get video views to make their videos look popular. That’s it. That’s it and they think that’s acceptable and they are teaching you how to do Facebook- and they aren’t even doing it themselves, imagine that!

Anyway so I went through and I was looking at my friend’s pages, people in my mastermind, and I was looking over their different stuff and I was like “wow, I cannot believe the number of people with pretty decent sized business that are trying to move to the next step that aren’t running ads. I’m like they’re only running ads when they have something to sell. That is bad, that is like bad, bad, bad!

So, why is that bad? Why is that bad? Because, number one, you have nothing running that you can actually be testing what’s going on in the algorithm, what your people are liking, what your targets are liking, testing your targets, testing your engagement.

When you don’t run ads and you suddenly start running ads again that sends up red light warnings to Facebook and if you are suddenly doing that they are like WHOA.

That’s when they start rejecting your ads because you don’t have any consistency in running it so there’s this Facebook reputation with Facebook itself that you got to keep in mind but also if you’re not running ads all along, you are not actually developing any type of relationship with your peeps, with the people in your audiences so you need to be running ads all along.

The Facebook Funnel

So we’re going to walk through this okay so the very first thing that I want to walk through is to remind you about the Facebook funnel. You have to remember this in everything you do. You have to remember this. This is important. We don’t want to just like piecemeal stuff together.  We want to keep our focus on the funnel and through the funnel so our Facebook funnel strategy is to build an audience first, then it’s to build our list, preferably from this audience. Now you could circumvent this but it’s going to cost you more money, more time and they’re not going to be as engaged.They’re not going to be as targeted or engaged so you want to build an audience, build your list, nurture all of it, and that’s where you get your clients from. I know this is very simplified but I need you to understand this,

It’s just not run an ad and get an appointment. That’s not what it is, It’s not  just run an ad and get an appointment.

If you do not have the audience or the list that’s highly targeted, this is not going to work and you are going to get frustrated. If you do have an audience and a list that are targeted and you are nurturing them and you run an ad for an appointment it’s going to work. So we need to understand that. You really, really, really need to understand this, okay?

This is paramount. This is what we harp on over and over and over again inside Leads and Leverage because it is that important. You MUST understand this is how the strategy works on Facebook, for social media, for anything. I’m talking anything even in person. Unless they’re part of your audience, you can’t nurture them. You have to get them into your audience and then get them into your list okay?

So that’s the first thing. You have to understand this.

The Facebook Ad Strategy

7 Steps to the Perfect Facebook Ad Strategy for Real Estate Agents

  1. Post Engagement Ads
  2. Page Like Ads
  3. Nurture Ads
  4. Opt-in Ads
  5. Content Ads
  6. Journey Ads
  7. Event Ads 

Now, we are going to walk through the Facebook ad strategy, and I’m going to actually walk you through what each step actually means. What I mean by that is each step actually touches engage, audience, list, nurture. It touches on each one of these so I’m going to try and show you all of these steps.

You should always, always have a least one ad running at all times and you need to make sure it is not an opt-in ad.


Well because you need to build and sustain a good ad relationship with Facebook. If you are not running an ad that keeps you in good graces with Facebook that doesn’t drive people off Facebook, that doesn’t require them to do anything to get anything. If you’re not doing that everything else that you are doing is going to cost you more time and more money and potentially close down your Facebook ad account so you have to be aware of this, okay?

So the worst thing that you can do is only run ads when you have something for sale. Now whether that is a digital course so it wouldn’t be Realtors but a digital course or a physical product or a home listing the worst thing you can do you is only run ads when you have something for sale.

You need to be running ads all the time so what do you do?

The targeting is real easy initially, and I’ll tell you a little about that in the beginning because it’s actually easier than you think initially but the thing is for those of you asking who to target, that’s the easy part. The hard part is knowing what to say, when to say it, how to say it and moving them through the process so I’m going to walk you through this.

Ad Strategy Step #1 Post Engagement Ads

It is post engagement ads. Now, what are post engagement ads? Post engagement ads very specifically they are a campaign objective in Facebook if you will called post engagement.

You are going to put a post on your page and you are going to pull it into this ad and the goal is just to get engagement on that post. Whether it’s a like, whether it’s a comment whether it’s a share, whether it’s somebody clicking and watching if it’s a video it doesn’t matter.

Your single solitary goal on post engagement ads is engagement. It’s literally getting somebody to click like, click through, comment or click share. That is your goal.


Because you need engagement on your page flat out plain and simple. Facebook needs to see that your ads are interesting to people, that they’re going to engage with them. You need to be doing post engagement ads flat out, plain and simple.

What’s a post engagement ad? Do you have something on your page or a post on your page that has been really popular on your page? Go over to ad manager and turn that into a post engagement ad and push it out.

If you have something funny like yesterday was National Dog Day so there are a ton of funny dog videos out there. Guess what? You could go and take one of those funny dog videos, things like that and go either make your own or just share it on your page.  

Now, Facebook has taken away the ability to actually run those shares as ads so you are going to have to get creative in this endeavour. Take pictures of your own dog, ask people to share their own dogs. That’s obviously for National Dog Day but this is the point of a post engagement ad.

It is not a sale
It is not a promotion
It is not an open house
It is not a listing.
It is not a call me
It is not anything related to “do business with me!”

Not at all, not at all. This is solely, solely so that you can build a relationship of trust with Facebook and with the people on Facebook. This is important, okay?

Now if you are a beginner and you’re just starting out at running ads or you don’t have a very successful ad strategy, you need to run these types of ads to cold traffic. What do I mean by cold traffic? Well, here’s what you need to do.

We actually started this inside of our members group before the demographics changed inside of Facebook and before the targeting changes inside of Facebook because again, when I learn something from somebody who has done millions of dollars in ads, I’m going to share it with you.

And so, I have a couple of people that I’m in close relationship with and who have flat out said “you guys, you need to stop running to the homeowner demographic.” I was like “whoa, whoa, wait, what?”

You need to stop running to all of the interests. You need to stop running your ads to these heavily targeted narrowed stuff because Facebook wants to be able to do the job for you. Their ad algorithm is so good that if you narrow it down like that, that is why your ad costs are becoming so expensive.

So what do you need to do? You need to create a pin-drop audience of people who live in your area and if you do pin-drops, you can do multiple pin-drops.

You need to do a pin-drop audience period!!  

Not homeowner demographic, not interests, not income, nothing. Pin-drop audience which means your ads better darn well know how to reach their pain points absolutely so that’s why when you say who to target, who to target is easy. It’s what you say and how you say it and where you are taking them on the journey, that is where the power is in ads.

So your post engagement ads, if you are a beginner, they need to be just to a cold pin-drop audience, cold, meaning they don’t like your page, they aren’t in your email list, they haven’t visited your website, they’re not a warm audience at all. They’re a cold audience okay?

If you are advanced and you’ve been doing this for a while and you have a warm audience of over ten-thousand people in your warm audience and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is all inside the membership.

I can’t go into all of this right here but we have the blueprint that talks about all the different audiences that we teach, etc. so for those of you who do know this if you are advanced and your warm audience is at least ten-thousand or more, you need to run the exact same thing but to a separate ad-set to that warm audience okay?

Ad Strategy Step #2 Page Like Ads

So the first one is a post engagement ad and yes in this order. The second ad you should be running are page like ads. Page like ads, yes. If you are a beginner, run it to your cold pin-drop audience.

If you are advanced and you have a warm audience of over ten-thousand, run a second version of this ad to your warm audience but exclude your current page likes, so you don’t run it to your page likes again.

Alright so basically, almost simultaneously, you will be running post engagement ads and page like ads, both at the same time.

Sometimes some of you will start with page like ads first, then post engagement ads, and some of you will want to start with post engagement ads first, then page like ads, regardless, both of these types of ads do not take people off of Facebook. They keep people on Facebook and Facebook likes that and all they require is that somebody click one thing.

It’s a super easy action for them to take. That’s what you want. You need that and page like ads build your audience so let me get back to this.

Number one post engagement ads create engagement plus they build your audience. Number two, page like ads build your audience, okay? That’s one and two.

Ad Strategy Step #3 Nurture Ads

Alright, number three- these are nurture ads. What are nurture ads? Nurture ads are the things that are fun like “Happy Birthday” ads or holiday ads. These things and you will run them as post engagement ad but they’re nurture ads.

These things, number one, get a lot of engagement for your page. They really help your Facebook ad account reputation and you can run them if you are a beginner. You can run these to a cold pin-drop audience but if you are advanced and you have a warm audience of at least ten-thousand, run them to your warm audience.

Now, do not run nurture ads, which is number three until you are comfortably running and sustaining your post engagement and your page like ads. Period, plain and simple. Do not be bouncing around.

If you cannot sustain post engagement ads and page like ads don’t run anything else.

You need those going and sustaining. Nurture ads usually are short, except for the birthday ad, they are very short-term things. For example for a holiday you would only run an ad for four days but it’s to get people to engage with your page to keep engaging, to keep nurturing your audience. You’re nurturing your audience, yeah, you are nurturing your audience.

It’s kind of like sending out football schedules or recipe cards except actually these people get to pick what they engage with and it’s more. It’s going to reach them everywhere because like well they are in the bathroom on their phone, they are going to use it. Well they’re standing in line on their phone and they are going to see it. While they are waiting in line at a drive-thru, they are gonna see it way more. You’re going to get way more of this.

Now, so you have one, post engagement ads, two, page like ads, three, nurture ads. Do not run nurture ads unless you are running and sustaining post engagement ads. That is important, okay?

Ad Strategy Step #4 Opt-in Ads

Number four, and this is the fun one, opt-in ads! This is where you would also run your listings. If you have listings, you would run these ads. You could also run if you don’t have listings, you can also run IDX ads.

Now I teach that as ways that IDX ads are things that drive people to respond and opt-in and look at listings, okay? They are not just “homes for sale” ads. They are way better than that. You can also run your home value ads. You can run ads that have a download.

Some of you have probably seen some of my ads. Right now one of my biggest ones running is my Facebook page checklist so that’s a big one. I’m also going to be turning this video, these steps into a download for people so that’s an opt-in ad because it gets them to opt-in, right?

If you are a beginner, and you want to run opt-in ads, again, this is the fourth one on the list, this is not the first one but this is the fourth one, run it to a cold pin-drop audience. If you are intermediate, you’re just kind of getting going, run it to if you have a warm audience of over ten-thousand, then run it to your warm audience as well.

Now, this is where the first step of advanced comes in. Advanced marketers will run it to a hot audience. What do I mean by a hot audience?

Well, you use re-targeting and run it in context.

If people have been on your website looking at homes for sale, then you would want to take that audience and run various “homes for sale” ads to them. If they have been on your website looking at neighborhood pages then you would take that audience and run “hey, check out the homes in this neighborhood!” If they have been on your website looking at articles that you’ve written about “how to sell your house” or “how to prep your house” or “how to stage your house” then you would run a home value ad to them.

This is where the bigger audiences and advanced re-targeting pixeling comes into play,

This is why so many of what we do, we do this- ad to appointment- we do this, and then we go “why isn’t this working?” Well, because we haven’t moved anybody anywhere yet. They don’t know why they should trust you. Well, they shouldn’t because they don’t know you. You are just one of five hundred other Realtors in the market running home value ads or home search ads or talking about how number one you are or whatever. Be different and actually be something that’s going to get into their “psyche” if you will.

That was four so number one was post engagement ads, number two is page like ads, number three is nurture ads and number four is opt-in ads.

Ad Strategy Step #5 Content Ads

Number five is content ads. What do I mean by content ads? Well, like a video or a blog post and no I do not mean like a sales pitch crap video that you are doing about how awesome you are or why they should live in your town and use you to buy or sell. I’m talking about a video or a blog post where you have answered a question or solved a problem or given them value that does not say “use my services!”

We have to get over that! That is not how people decide who they are going to use. They decide who they are going to use based on the value, based on how they feel about you and how do you get them to feel really good about you? You give them value!

So when you are doing video or blog posts and things like that, be valuable. Don’t be boring! Infuse your personality.

This video right here I run these as content ads. You can drive them off Facebook or keep them on Facebook. I actually run these as ads like after I’ve already done this and maybe you are watching this. Maybe you clicked on an ad and you saw this. So not you guys that are live with me right now but everybody in replay this is a content ad. I’m giving value so people will go through and click on this. That’s what I would run as a ad.

If you are a beginner do not do these. It’s not that you can’t or are incapable of doing it. It’s just that you don’t have an audience that’s actually going to listen well to it.

If you are an intermediate you want to run this to your warm audience. Again, warm audience is over ten-thousand. If you are advanced you want to run this in context to your hot people.

So I have certain ads of these that are going to a cold audience. The cold audience really responds much better to two minute or less videos, fast videos that drive them like a step in between to that content ad.

For those of you that have been part of my video view audience, my page engagement, my page likes, my website, my email list, I run these directly to you you guys so that you can see them so that you can get your value  so that you can take next steps. That is what a hot audience means, okay? So I’m running it in context.

Ad Strategy Step #6 Journey Ads

Number six are journey ads. Customer journey ads. So this is what you want to do. You want to retarget people to move them along in the process. Should you do this if you are a beginner? No, not yet. Should you do this if you are intermediate? No, not yet. You’ve got way many other ads to run first but if you are advanced you need to run this in context.  

What do I mean by “journey? Okay, here’s an example- say you are running cold ads our as post engagement ads or something like that. Let me go back up to this, let’s say you are running ads out to your cold audience, so post engagement or page like ads. Let’s say then that you put some stuff on your page, and people have clicked through and gone to your website. So the first step, always remember the strategy, the first step is to get them to be part of your audience, the second step is to get them to be a part of your list, and this third step is to nurture but within the nurture realm you want to move them along.

How do you move them along? Did they click an ad to download something from you? What was that download? Let’s say that download is a step by step how to prep your home for sale if your home is older than 1974. Isn’t that the lead paint year? Something like that? This would only work in very specific markets that have a lot of homes older than 1974.

So let’s say they downloaded the lead paint disclosure and I’m pretty sure I’m off on that date. I used to remember all of these dates but I think I might be off on that date 1974, 1978, something like that.

Anyway they download that brochure how to walk it through how to prep your home so what would the next ad be to do?

Well, I would them another ad and say “here’s the lead paint disclosure that you’re going to have to disclosure to people because your home was built before 1974 and this is what you’re going to have to do if you want to sell.

The next thing “here’s what the lenders are going to require from buyers if you want to sell. So, like the lead paint, if they are doing a VA loan, a FHA loan, again, this is the journey, right? They are telling you the home is older then 1974, right, and you’re saying “here’s what’s required by law,” then “here’s what the lendersare going to require,” “here’s how you do it and here’s resources.” That is a journey ad. Each one of those are different ads- you are journeying people through the process.

In other words, you are giving them all the answers but in steps and helping them. You are trying to say “okay well they don’t really want the document that talks about the laws but maybe since they have already done the first opt-in but maybe they want the document on “here’s what you physically have to do. Here’s how much money you are going to have to put into it to do it.” It’s not as much as they think usually unless their house is really a pit.

But here’s what it’s going to be “if you put the work in, this what it will cost you.” “If you don’t put the work in, this is what it will cost you.”

I just need to segue here briefly…..I’m in a Dave Ramsey group because we follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps and principles and somebody brought something up and I’m actually going to do a separate video on this but somebody brought something up that their Realtor was trying to get them to paint and replace the kitchen counters. And so they wanted feedback, there were like five hundred comments on this post, right. Do you know how many comments were “get another realtor?” Because everyone was saying “well the Realtor’s job is to sell your house regardless.” No, it’s not! No, it’s not. It’s your job.

Here’s the thing. That’s what people think. That’s what people genuinely think. They think they shouldn’t have to be culpable or be responsible for the product that they are putting on the market. So you need to teach people. You need to teach people this. You need to teach them. There were so many people who were like “do a housing allowance” or “people want to do their own stuff,” and I’m like “no, no, no, you actually lose more money.” If you’ve got a thousand dollars go freakin’ do the work. If you don’t have any money you are kind of like you can’t.

So to teach and I’m thinking to myself and I didn’t even respond in this thread because it was like four hundred comments, and nobody’s going to  listen, but you can do this in videos, teach people in videos, teach them how much money that they are losing.

Do you know, it doesn’t matter what the market is. Every single house we’ve sold we have sold at higher than the market price? Why? Because I freaking know what to do to get people to want to buy my house. I know it’s about absolute cleaning. I know it’s about painting, fresh paint. I know it’s about making sure everything look spotless and all the little things that they use….door handles, knobs and switches are all perfect. I also know it’s about a few updates you do need to make. I know this and as an agent, I have a seven-house success doing that. No, I’ve never flipped. This is just our personal residences that we have sold.  

So this is what you need to teach people and this is how you teach them and this is why you do it because that thread that I’m talking about. I mean there were over four hundred comments and I don’t know how many there are now. This was over the weekend because people believe that your job is to sell their S-H-I you know what.

In other words they expect you to be a miracle worker when they bring a piece of you-know-what to the market. Right? How do you teach them that no, it starts with them. You cannot help them overcome crap. They have to. How do you teach them?

Well you get your face on a camera and you teach them. Tell them, show them the loss of cost, the opportunity loss, the actual loss of money that if you give a $5,000 concession you are actually losing $15,000-$20,000 off the price.

Not the $5,000, seriously, because so many people who would have bought it at the higher price are not willing to do the work even if you give them a concession. So they are not also willing to live in a state of flux so you need to make sure you are teaching people these things. They don’t understand, they don’t understand. What they hear is “buyers like to do what they want anyways” and I’m like no, as somebody who understands human psychology, at least in this regard, a buyer wants to see a perfect, beautiful house and they’ll pay for it. They absolutely will so you need to teach people this okay?

So that’s what a journey ad is. That’s what the series are. Teach them if you know where they are looking and they’re buyers and they’re looking at buyer stuff on your website or they have opted in to buyer stuff in your email list or they are commenting on buyers posts, then you need to be running ads to that specific audience related to that. Does that makes sense? Hopefully this will help you through this process.

Ad Strategy Step #7 Event Ads

Number seven are event ads. This is where you are going to run your open houses. It’s where you are going to run your open houses, your listings, just listed, your appreciation events, etc. This goes to your warm and hot audiences, period. It does not go to cold audiences.

Now, you can run just listed ads to your cold audiences, but you are going to get a way higher like thousands of percent higher response rate and your ad costs are going to plummet because you are running it to people who are interested in what you’ve been doing.

That’s where you get those people to actually show up at your open houses, to respond on your open houses ads and show up. This is how.

You bring them through this process okay so remember your strategy is to build your audience, build your list, nurture all of it to bring them through the process.

Recap of The Facebook Ad Strategies

Now, let me go over these real quick. These are the Facebook ad strategies. These are the stages of the strategy that each one targets.

So the first one, which is engagement ads, it engages and builds your audience, right? Build your audience.

The second one, which is page like ads, it builds your audience, alright.

The third one, which is nurture ads, you’re nurturing.  It builds your audience because people are going to respond and you’re going to invite them. It also nurtures your audience. It also nurtures your list and your website visitors if you are running these as advanced.

Number four are opt-in ads. Those build your list. They build your list just flat out, straight up. They build your list.

Number five, content ads. They nurture plus they build your audience plus they build your list.

Number six is journey ads because you are nurturing plus you’re going to build your list because people will opt-in to the different things that you are doing.

And number seven are events ads. They nurture, they build your list and they build your audience.

So all of this, you have a primary focus for each one, but it doesn’t just do that one focus.

I’m actually going to do in another video is to show you guys my exact goals for this month, my beginning, my starting points, my end results, exactly what’s happened and also my number one goal. I had one goal for this whole entire thing. Well, actually I had two goals but I’ll share all that on the video.  

This is all related to ads and your presence on Facebook and audience. I’m doing the exact same thing I’m teaching you. I have a strategy. I’m building my audience and you are now a part of my audience.

Sorry you’re part of my audience. You watch my video, you are a part of my audience, right? I’m taking this audience, and when I give you guys opt-ins, a lot of you comment and you opt-in to mini chat. Now mini chat is not my list, that’s Messenger, that’s #RIBBIT, that’s not my list. It’s kind of a nebulous in between because I don’t actually own that.

But when I’m giving you things that ask for your email so I give you more value and those of you who are responding, “yeah, I want this next deeper step” you are becoming part of my list. My list gets more than my audience. I work my list. By nurturing, I’m nurturing all of this. I’m emailing my list and telling them to come watch these videos. I’m messaging you to have you come watch these videos because I’m nurturing you, right? I’m nurturing you, giving you value.

You need to focus on what you are doing through your ads. You need to make sure that you are giving value because whether they use you or not, they feel valued. They can take what you are doing, and either pick a different real estate agent and yes, it’s okay. It’s okay if they use someone else. It’s okay. Get over it. It’s okay because they are going to. You don’t control your market.

But here’s the thing- you help the industry and I know you are like “how does that help me?” It does, because when you are actually teaching other people that there are valuable and wonderful real estate agents out there, someone else is doing the same thing, and that person is going to come to you. That’s how it works. It’s like “karma,” if you will. It’s the same thing. It’s nebulous, it’s not trackable, it’s just something that’s just kind of out there but yes, it works.

You need to make sure that everything that you are doing is giving value so that they can move forward without you. Will they? Maybe. Maybe they will. Some will. Some just can’t plain sell right now, some aren’t ready to sell right now but the ones that are and they know “yeah, this person gave me value. I want to use that person.” That’s what you are going for.

So when you are doing all these ads, you are not only trying to maintain a relationship with Facebook, you are trying to build and maintain a relationship with your audience and your list and that’s what this process is.

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"warm audiences that you are referring to."

Warm audiences. Yes you build your warm audience in Ads Manager. It is your website visitors, it is your email list, it is your page engagement audience, it’s your video view audience, your page likes. That’s a warm audience.

Julie wants to know

"how big should your pin-drop audience be?"

How big of an area do you want to work? Your pin-drop audience should be where you want to work. That’s it. If you are in L.A. and your pin drop audience is all of L.A., you are lying. You are just thinking in scarcity and that’s just bad, that’s just bad.

That is a fixed mindset, get out of it, go into a growth mindset. Where do you actually want to work? How far do you actually want to drive?

If you have four listing appointments in a day, where can you drive to? Like seriously you need to be thinking about that. If you are in the Hollywood Hills you are not going to want to be driving an hour and a half or two hours each way for a single listing appointment. You won’t be able to put in two or three listing appointments in a day when you do that or three or four. You won’t be able to do that.

You want to be really focused in your market. You want to be able to resonate with your market. Your ads need to speak to your market. I’m sorry but people who live in the Santa Monica area they don’t have the same needs and desires as people who live in Riverside. Like, I realize those are two different counties, but still, you get my point.

They are so far apart but so many of you that live in big areas like that go “I want it all!” And you get nothing and you can’t figure out why. That’s why. You need to focus it in so your pin drop audience should be as big of an area that you want to work.

For example, I live in North Idaho. Half the Realtors here, a third of the Realtors here also have their Washington licenses. Now our brokerage does and we have agents at our brokerage that have a Washington license but I’m not going to do Washington also. I don’t want to learn all the Washington laws. I don’t want to drive over there. I don’t care if it’s a twenty-five minute drive. I don’t care.

I only want to want to work in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Post Falls. That’s it. I don’t even want to go outside of that. I don’t even want to do land out there. I don’t want to drive out on the roads. I don’t.  My dad was like “I’ll do it all” and I’m like “that’s awesome. I won’t.” I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to be in my car constantly. I didn’t want to run out to show a listing that I had. I didn’t want to run out and have to have a forty-minute drive each way to show a listing to someone who may not be my person.

So I wanted to be able to actually service the listings that I had so I was very, very focused to only to Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Post Falls. That’s it.

You need to stay where you want to work and be real with yourself. Don’t be like “I’m desperate, I need a closing!” Be real. Because if you are wasting an hour or an hour and a half each way, you don’t have time for stuff that’s in your local market like you literally do not have time to get the leads and to work with the leads that are in the area that you want so refer those out.

It’s really easy. You’ll make money on it so refer it out. Spend your time on where you want to be.


 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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