Stop being distracted and master your focus

Did you know or do you know that there is essentially ONE reason and ONE reason only that you’re not capturing, converting, and closing Facebook leads?

I am serious.

It’s pretty much one reason and one reason only and we’re going to dive into this today because here’s why:

Because I see a lot of members struggling with this reason. A lot of the agents I work with struggling with this reason, my coaching clients, and myself.

I see this in all industries. I see this in all businesses. I see this in a whole lot of areas. I see a lot of people struggling with the same thing.

Today, I am doing something a bit different because Facebook, this is a sneaky little training in here. Facebook is liking vertical videos. They’re liking it because we mostly watch this on our phone, all of that kind of stuff so I’m “Okay, I will go ahead and do a vertical video today!” Which means I can’t actually schedule it ahead of time and notify you ahead of time so there are some downfalls, but we’re here. It’s on vertical video.

So here’s the thing. There is actually one reason and one reason only that you’re not capturing, converting and closing Facebook leads.

Guess what you think the #1 reason is

And I am going to talk about this with you because it’s a discussion going on in my membership group amongst agents. And it’s not just agents that are dealing with this and I have to let you know it’s not just agents, it’s everybody, everywhere.

But I am struggling with it too.

I am struggling with it too. I always struggle with it.  What is it? Can you guess? I actually want to know if you can guess? Guess what you think the #1 reason is that you’re not capturing, converting real estate leads from Facebook.

Now, I know I keep looking over my notes on my computer throughout the actual thread or the post that’s happening inside of our membership group and I know some of you already know and you’re like “How is this a reason Christina? How is this working?”

Here’s the truth:

We like to use the idea,  we like to declare that we’re multi-passionate. We’re interested in a lot of different things, right? So we say, we’re multi-passionate so I want to do multiple business at once or I want to do multiple things at once so why is this like, why do we hold this up, like I am different. I am unique. I am multi-passionate.

But what you’re really doing is allowing yourself to be distracted. You’re justifying your desires to do only the “fun” stuff which is thinking of new ideas, starting something new, the stuff that gives you the dopamine rush and you’re not actually doing the stuff that is boring and droll and boring and droll.

Do you really think based on his history that Elon Musk is multi-passionate? Do you? Like seriously, Elon Musk. I mean PayPal, Tesla, whatever else he’s doing, he is multi-passionate but do you know why he is successful?

Because when he picks something, when he says something, when he is focused on it, guess what happens? He doesn’t focus on anything else.

So some of you are like “Well I was. .” I am going to use this as an example. “I was waiting for this step to happen and it was outside of my control so I went over and I’ve started another business, and now I am back over here.”

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted

That is just distraction because there are things you need to do. When you’re trying to build a business you cannot allow yourself to get distracted by other fun businesses if you actually want to succeed.

If you try to make this so you’re not always stressed…if you actually build multiple businesses, guess what you need to do? You need to stay focused on that ONE business and guess what else you need to do?

You need to do the “boring” stuff over and over and over and over again. The stuff that you’re like “that’s beneath me, I’m tired of that, I hate that, I don’t want to do that!”

I completely relate to you completely, completely relate. Why?

Well because we have another couple of businesses that we’re starting. I tried to do it last year and I realized last year about 12-14 months ago, and I realized you know what I am doing?

I actually, was a jack of all trades and a master of none and I’m not actually going to succeed because I am distracted.  Meaning I had multiple businesses going on so what did I do?

I was like,”I need to set that aside, this is my focus.” This is my focus. This is what I am doing. Well now is the time. Now we are starting another business. Guess what? I am not the face of those businesses. I am just advising those businesses, doing some advising. They’re doing all the implementing.

So in other words, I can be multi passionate but I am still focused on this one. I am still building this one. And so that’s why you have to be very careful. If you’re out there like I’m building a website for this or building this for that, I’m doing this and doing that, that’s just an excuse to not actually do the stuff you really don’t want to do in real estate.

It really is! You cannot successfully build, focus on multiple businesses at the same time unless you have someone else who do the focus for you.

And so that is what we have. We meet once, well we actually meet once a week and the face of one of the other businesses she’s doing the work, I am just setting the schedule, saying we need to do this, this and this at these times. So right now that is what’s happening.

And then the other business…Again I am just setting the schedule, kind of the consulting piece of it, the stuff we need to get going.

The number one reason you’re not doing this is because you are distracted! You’re allowing yourself to lose focus!

In other words, you’re not being consistent. You’re not doing everything you have to do  every single day you have to do it. Flat out. It’s that simple. It’s just is.

We don’t want to hear this. We don’t want to hear this. We like the idea that we’re multi passionate or that I am creative or I’m this or I’m that – Literally, I don’t care if you’re “Mr. I do spreadsheets” or  “Miss.I decorate the world.”

Master Your Focus

I don’t care. If you’re bouncing around between things that has nothing to do with your artistic abilities or inclinations that has everything to do with your ability to master your focus, with your ability to build a self-disciplined  muscle. That’s it.

Why on earth, why on earth are there creatives out there who build amazing businesses? Because they focused on that business.

And some of us are sitting around doing nothing. Well we’re doing stuff but we can’t figure out why we’re not getting to the next step. It’s because we’re allowing ourselves to be distracted. Period. 

Now here’s the thing. There might be some underlying issues. There might be self sabotage going on, on your part. There might be some other things. You think it’s because you’re multi-passionate. You think it’s because you want to start multiple businesses or something like that. You gotta dig to the underneath.

You need to do what you need to do as far as building your business but you gotta dig under and figure out what’s going on and why.

Every single one of us are going to “self-sabotage” at some point along the line. Period.

We’re either going to hit an income barrier and deal with our money issues because every single person has money issues even Bill Gates. Money issues that they had to work through. Period.

Every single person has it. It may be different issues for different people. Guilt for earning it, giving it away, not being able to keep it. All of these things. We all have these issues because there is so much drama surrounding money so we have to deal with those. We have to deal with what we’re doing to “self-sabotage” etc.

The 5 Second Rule

Yesterday when I talked about all the different books, I talked about “The 5 Second Rule.” The reason I love this book, if you cannot afford the book or cannot get the book, do me a favor and Google Mel Robbins’ Ted Talk “ The 5 Second Rule” Go Google or go YouTube it.

Go listen to it. It’s really a great talk. It’s what really blew this whole thing up but the “5 Second Rule” is just an amazing, fast, little cerebral change in our brain.  

So the minute we think that “Oh I need to, I’m here, I’m doing real estate, I need to go over and do the soccer business, 5,4,3,2,1 GO BACK and do you’re supposed to be doing.”

Get your stuff done. If you don’t have it time blocked, if you haven’t time blocked yourself for success, you’re not going to succeed. You’re literally going to be a jack of all trades and master of none. You will be. 

Your distraction, your lack of focus….don’t claim ADD OR ADHD. That is an excuse. An absolute excuse. Absolutely an excuse. Yes, it might be an issue for some of you but for most of you who claim you have it if you would just give up the sugars, grains and starches and like give your brain some mental clarity you’ll get over that.

Don’t Use Excuses

Yeah, I am kind of preaching on this because it drives me nuts we use excuses. You might have clinical depression,not like “I’m depressed” but like real depression on some medication. You can still develop the muscle of self discipline and pushing through.

It might need to be really small things. It might need to be tiny, tiny, tiny little steps everyday. I do mean tiny. I mean it might simply need to be “I need to go take my shower” That’s where I was 5 years ago, not from depression, but I actually had, have a disease that I am managing now.

So here’s the thing. You start small. Every single one of us stop using excuses to not do what you need to do. Stop using excuses to not be who you want to be. Stop looking so far in the future that you’re like “I can’t do that!”

Stop looking 5 steps ahead, look at the next step, like look at where you are right now.

Think about people who are alcoholics who stay sober for 5, 10 or 15 years. They didn’t do it by thinking I need to be sober for the rest of my life. They did by going this next 10 minutes, I’m not going to drink.  I have a problem. I cannot be around it.

They acknowledge the problem. They go okay and set their environments up.They don’t get themselves around people who influence them, trigger them or encourage them and they set they set their homes up. They get through each hour, they teach themselves, they develop self-discipline to do something different every time they deal with it.

You might not be an alcoholic. You may not be a drug user but if you don’t have the self discipline to stay focused: you’ve got a problem and you have to, have to, have to develop this.

You have to or you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll never achieve what you hope to achieve if you don’t do this every moment, every day. You need to bring, first of all you need to acknowledge you have an issue and then you need to set up your environment for success.

You need to make yourself get up and not hit the snooze button and honestly, that is the first thing Mel Robbins teaches everybody, because you’re hitting that snooze button. Why?

You’re not actually getting real sleep anyway,. Set your alarm and get your butt out of bed. That’s what she is saying. That’s what she’s saying to do. Do that. You have to do it even when you don’t want to. You have to do it.

Today I didn’t actually want to come on and do a video. Not because I don’t like you, not because I don’t need to, but because I was kinda like “ughh I just want a break, I just want a day where I’m not doing that.” Why??

This is like 30 minutes of my time to help you and it’s helping me because when I talk to you about this things I’m like “Oh, yeah, I am empowered.” I am inspired myself from you, from the things you’re doing, the achievements I am seeing you make from the tiny steps you’re making.

They empower me, they inspire me and I love it.

So this morning when that happened I was like ‘wait a minute I need to go do this.” It’s going to look a little bit different because I am going to try a new thing on the phone this way because this is what Facebook wants.

I am going to try that and that is okay. There are probably going to be fewer people on and that’s okay because I am not sending out a notification letting you know that I’m on, that’s okay. There is probably going to be fewer people commenting.

You have to push through no matter what

That’s okay. You have to push through no matter what. You can’t anticipate… you can’t just throw out how you think things are going t be like, You can’t be bouncing around from thing to thing.

You’ve got to focus.

This is why most of you, if you want to lose weight, this is why you’re not losing weight. It’s why you Yo-Yo because you bounce around from diet to diet to diet and not only that you do a diet and then you don’t do a diet and I mean you eat a certain way, then you go back to what you were doing before. Then you eat another certain way then you go back to doing what you were doing before.

That is why you do this because you aren’t staying focused. It’s too hard. You allow your brain to talk you out of the productive good stuff that you should be doing. It’s all up here, it is all up here even those with ADD and ADHD. It’s all up here in your brain.

Do you know why?

Because there are people, we know this, there are people with ADD, ADHD, everything that have pushed through. That have learned how to work in their environment, with their physical limitations.

I have a disease. I’m not sharing it but I have a disease that it exhausts me at times. There are times when I have to take naps. It’s very rare now but if I know I’m not going to make myself push through if I can physically tell that my body needs a nap, that I’m not getting what it needs to heal.

I know this. I have made sure for the last 15-17 years that is how my schedule…I always have flexibility in my schedule. I know that I can’t have a back-to-back schedule. I don’t think anyone should have it because it’s horrid for everybody but I know that about me so I don’t do it.  

I have to say no to so many social things. I am okay with that. I don’t feel compelled. My health is more important than anything else. Without my health I can’t serve you. Without my health I can’t be a good wife. Without my health I can’t be a great Mom especially when I know the the solution.

So when you know the solution, get your head down and send those notes to 10 people today or get you head down and do a Live stream on Facebook today or get your head down and do the emails you need to do convert those leads.

If you’re not doing that stuff when you don’t want to and you’d rather go do the fun stuff, you’re not going to succeed. It’s real simple.

I struggle with this too

You know why I know this for a fact? Hi, my name is Christina Ethridge and this has been me. I struggle with this too. I know this. I watch people struggle with this all the time. You struggled with it, absolutely at some degree, at some level.

We know this. We like the dopamine rush. That’s why we jump from thing to thing.

  • We have stuff going on in our environment that keeps us distracted.
  • We keep our phones attached to us.
  • We don’t turn off notifications.
  • We have a fear of missing out.
  • We keep our T.V’s on all the time.
  • We let the news run all the time.
  • We look at our news feed all the time on Facebook.
  • We read the news.
  • We do all of this stuff that you do not need to do.

All stuff that sets you on an unproductive path, all of it. We allow it because I don’t know, are we afraid of what we have to do? Are we lazy? Would we rather be brain numbed entertained by things than do the hard work? Because our actions show that’s what we’d rather do. Our actions show that.

So if you’re like, “No, I wouldn’t rather do that” then what are your actions showing? Like seriously what are your actions showing?

I really want to make sure you hear this and I want to make sure I hear this over and over again.

We have to train our brains!

If you want to be successful, if you want to lose weight, if you want to successfully pay off debt, if you want successfully build a business whatever that looks like, if you want to successfully run a marathon, if you want to whatever : if you want to achieve something….

YOU HAVE TO OVERCOME YOUR BRAIN! That means you have to not allow yourself, you have to build up that muscle, your brain muscles to do this. 

Share any of my videos with your colleagues. That is a huge blessing to me and I appreciate when you do that. Press like, click share and let me know “Yes, you like this! Yes, you want me to keep doing this!”

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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