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LNL Blog Post November’s Top Five Posts on the Leads And Leverage Blog

It’s time!

Time for the November round up on the Leads And Leverage blog.

The round up is a review of the top five posts, as determined by you, the reader, for the previous month.

So, what were they?

Coming in at number five . . .

The Two Reasons Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Being Seen And How You Can Manipulate Them

Have you ever wondered why some people’s posts get more interaction than others? Why you seem to see more of certain people in your news feed and less of others? You are not alone . . .

Coming in at number four . . . 

How To Talk Business On Your Facebook Personal Profile

As a real estate agent it’s tempting to want to post your listings on your Facebook personal profile. Tempting. Maybe you know Facebook’s usage guidelines. Maybe you don’t . . .

Coming in at number three . . .

The Facebook Funnel – The Real Estate Lead Generation Process Using Facebook

The first in a series. Sometimes I think that real estate agents think that if they build a Facebook business page, the clients will just pop out of the wood work. And, when they don’t, they insist Facebook doesn’t work for real estate lead generation. They couldn’t be more wrong . . .

Coming in at number two . . .

Real Estate Agents – Want To Know Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Any Engagement (Or Bringing In Leads)?

The number one reason your real estate Facebook page isn’t getting any engagement or bringing in any leads is because you aren’t posting on it. The number two reason is . . .

And finally, in the number one position, the hottest post on the Leads And Leverage blog for November is . . .

Strike While The Iron Is Hot – Why Craigslist Is NOW The Place To Be For Real Estate Agents

Do you realize that the best time to be doing something is when everyone else is doing the opposite? Right now, today, is the perfect moment to capture high quality real estate leads from Craigslist. (Includes a free ebook on How To Sneak In And Dominate Craigslist While Every Other Real Estate Agent Is Freaking Out About The Changes).

So, have you read all of these?

What did you think? Do you agree with other readers that these are the best posts on the blog?

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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