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One of the members recently asked this question:

"What is the difference/advantage of using an exclusive lead capture landing page versus just a page on my existing site to capture leads from Facebook ads? I keep reading about companies like LeadPages but have yet to try one because I have a page on my site for seller leads from Facebook ads."

Let me preface this before I dive into answering this question: running seller ads that work well on Facebook is not simply about driving traffic to a generic seller page on your website.

Running Ads That Convert

Running ads that convert is using the method of running a particular type of seller ad to a specific target audience.

The ad should drive them to a specific resource (lead capture landing page) that requests their information in exchange for said resource — this results in visitors giving you their contact information.

Never ever drive traffic to a general home search page on your website. You are wasting your money and time when you do this.

What’s the difference?

Giving Versus Getting

Back to the question: what is the difference between just a page on my existing site versus an exclusive lead capture landing page?

The difference is huge. It’s the difference between giving and getting.

The difference between your website and a lead capture page is giving versus getting. 

A lead capture landing page has one job and one job only and that is capturing the lead.

No, that doesn’t mean it has a form on it for someone to give you their information.

If you want to capture as many real estate leads as possible, use a lead capture landing page. 

It doesn’t mean it has a lot of info on it and it doesn’t mean it has other choices on it just in case they aren’t interested in what you are offering on that page.

A page on your website often is full of information. It oftentimes has many outgoing links a reader can click on that guides them to any number of resources you are giving them (whether it’s on your website or not).

Its goal is to supply information — not capture information.

Yes, you want capture points all over your website but the websites aren’t focused solely on capture.

Driving traffic

It’s all in human psychology — what we say we do vs. what we actually do.

Here’s the truth: There is a drastic difference between observed behavior and what people say they do.

This has been observed in study after study. We are liars. We say one thing and do another — from the tiniest actions to big decisions.

When we don’t guide incoming traffic along a clear-cut path, your visitors will get lost.

Many people say they don’t sign up to see home listings because they can get them free on another site but in people do sign up to see home listings.

They say they say they won’t do it; they don’t like it but they do it.

But here’s the caveat, if you don’t require it they will not do it. They won’t do it if you don’t guide them.

Narrow Down The Options

You can’t distract them from the task at hand. You can’t give them options other than the one thing you want them to do.

It’s in our nature as real estate agents not to want to miss out on the deal.

We want to give all the options a prospect could want because we are afraid they’ll want something else and if it isn’t there for them, they’ll go somewhere else.

In essence, we are continually trying to satisfy all consumers in every conceivable place along the home buying or home selling journey and that’s simply not possible to do in a single ad on a single landing page.

Real Estate agents are worried about not pleasing everyone and end up pleasing no one. 

Here’s the reality: if you give multiple options on a lead capture landing page it is too many. We are overwhelmed with choice. We are overwhelmed with options.

The only choice a person should have on a lead capture landing page is to sign up or sign off. That’s it.

In other words, the difference between a page on your website and a lead capture landing page and is huge.

It’s the difference between capturing leads and not.

You don’t want to leave traffic conversion to a generic page on your website.

You want it handled by an expert.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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