Don't chain yourself to Facebook -- leverage key pieces to manage your time

Lead generation starts with a mindset shift

You need to have a strategic plan — and implement that plan consistently if you want to drive leads into your database from Facebook.

Your Facebook Business Page Setup

First and most importantly, your Facebook business page setup should allow you to generate and capture leads. Often the best way to do this is to have a Facebook business page that produces leads combined with an email-specific database to drive them into.

Use MailerLite or Ontraport

In this case, I recommend MailerLite or Ontraport. (No, your real estate-specific contact relationship management program is not the best place for your email database.)

Success is dependent on your foundation. 

Your Page Category

Construct your Facebook page to act as a lead machine. Your page category most likely is currently set as a local business.

Well, I’ve got news for you — if you don’t physically own the brokerage and your name isn’t on the deed or lease agreement for the brokerage, you are not a local business

You are a service, and your page category needs to reflect that.

Your real estate lead generation success is dependent on your foundation. 

Your Page Name

It’s also likely that your page name is either your name, your team name,your brokerage name or another official business name.

It’s no wonder people don’t want to “like” your agent page. When your page is centered on you, your future clients won’t be interested.

However, when your page name reflects what you can do for them and their future lifestyle, your clients will pay attention.

Let’s be real here: No one cares about you and your business. People do care about themselves and where they live.

Name your page to appeal to the clients you hope to attract.

Capture Points

Your capture points — and there are more of them than you may think — also serve as key elements to a successful lead-generation Facebook page.

Take advantage of all the available outlets to acquire leads, including your profile and header photos, which are insanely powerful toolsl.

You can also use your “about” section and Facebook-provided call-to-action button, just to name a few.

A healthy Facebook page is always growing

Indeed, you must have every capture point ready to go. But to make this happen, first make sure you’re categorized correctly.

Here’s the deal:

After your page is organized for lead generation, it’s time to start thinking about growth.
No, I do not mean ask and invite everyone you know to your page.
And I do not advise you to connect with every real estate agent known to man.

A healthy Facebook page is always growing with your target audience.

You Want Beneficial Page Likes

You want beneficial page likes — not detrimental page likes. This is key. You need to decide who you most want to work with.

Focus on that 20 percent of your business that gives you 80 percent of your success both financially and emotionally.

Target that 20 percent.

Create a Targeted Audience

Create a targeted audience in Ads Manager, then set up and run the page like ads to that audience. Turn those ads on, and never turn them off.

You want your page to be always growing with your target audience. Why? For one, it shows authority. Strive for relevant and targeted authority in your marketplace.

Fresh fans also foster energy. They keep your page hopping. They keep it active. Having new fans excited about your page is essential in spreading the word about your content and reaching more leads. They keep interaction on your page alive. — for free.

In a nutshell, driving a targeted audience to your business page every single day improves your overall reach and engagement. Not to mention, your future ad costs will drop dramatically.

Consistently Vet Your Page Likes

First, change your mindset. Your Facebook page likes are another “database” for you. Always think of your page likes as a targeted database. Your goal is to build and drive that list both to your website and into your email lead compilation.

Your Facebook page likes are another database for you — treat it right.

You Don’t Own Your Facebook Page

Now, you don’t own your Facebook page, and Facebook can change or take it away at any time. But while you still control it, stay focused on building your page-like community — with targeted page likes — and driving that community into your database.

You wouldn’t arbitrarily snail mail anyone and everyone — it’s a waste of your time and money. So don’t allow a buildup of page likes consisting of just anyone and everyone. (This includes your real estate colleagues.)

Reach and Engagement

Your reach and engagement are affected negatively when your audience isn’t targeted or responsive. Your ad spend is higher when you are paying to reach people who aren’t your target audience.

Determine if your targeting is on point so that your future ads knock your return on investment out of the park. Your ad relevancy and results are decimated when you have an unresponsive (read that as un-targeted) audience.

It’s much less expensive to test out your audiences with page likes. You can quickly and easily vet each one rather than blindly run ads to audiences that aren’t fully targeted.

Scale Your Ad Spending

Vetting your page likes makes it easier to scale your ad spending with the assurance that it’s right on target.

Content Must Be Consistent and Frequent

I’ll bet you’ve heard, as recently as today, that you should post a particular type of status update on your Facebook page to get engagement.

Well, that’s fine and dandy and it might get you engagement right now, at this moment. But, what about 24  hours from now? What about 24 days from now? 24 weeks from now?

Facebook applies multiple algorithms and they are always changing. It’s absolutely impossible to stay on top of what works at a particular time.

And what works for one business type and one audience doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Remember, you are focusing on the 20 percent of effort that gets you 80 percent of your return.

Content expires in the news feed within about three or four hours

And for most agents, because their page likes are so integrated with junk likes (i.e., real estate colleagues around the country), their content expires almost immediately.

Don’t waste your energy trying to game the system or trying to beat the Facebook algorithm. Instead, be consistent, and be frequent.

Consistency and frequency will knock your real estate lead generation out of the park

Get interesting and relevant content up on your page at least once every four hours.

What is The First Step You Are Going to Take?

So, now that I’ve told you what you need to do, what is the first step you are going to take?

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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