Running ads is important

Not sure how to grow your Facebook business page and fill it with people who want to use your real estate services?

Today I actually want to answer a question that was sent to me and that question was:

"How do I get people to find me on Facebook and like and follow my page and then do business with me besides just asking my friends how to do it?"

So today I am going to walk you through how to grow your page quick.

There are actually 5 things you can do and we’re going to walk through those today.

We’re going to journey through getting that Facebook business page to a place where it will start growing for you.

Alright, 5 things all real estates should be doing to grow their Facebook business page fast.

So someone who is actually on this show right now, sent in a quote 

"Hey, I need help. I am fairly a new agent and I have a business Facebook page. How in the world do I get people to find me and ‘like’ and follow my page besides asking all of my friends to do it?"

Five things! Alright, Are You Ready For This?

Number One - Invite your current and past closed clients to follow your Facebook business page

Alright number one, okay, number one when you create your Facebook business page you should definitely ask your current and past closed clients to follow your page but here is the catch:

Don’t beg them for the follow and don’t be insulted if they don’t follow you.

This is not the place where you send an invite to everyone you know.

Do NOT do that.

You’ll only want to invite people who have used your services before or who have the potential to use your services – do NOT invite every single family member or friend that you’re connected with.

Don’t ask people, don’t beg, don’t do it.

Number Two/Step One - Ask the right people to follow your Facebook business page

Step two of this first one, the first part has two steps, the first one is the ask the second one is run targeted page likes.

Not that hard to do. Run targeted page likes.

What do I mean “targeted page likes’?

Well first of all make darn sure that the people you’re targeting actually live in your area and then run targeted page likes to get people that you don’t know to like your page that are targeted?

Alright, so number one has two pieces to this.

Ask people who are past clients, closed clients, likely to use your services. Not everybody. These are friends you would invite – do not invite all your friends. Don’t do it.

  • You don’t want petty likes.
  • You don’t want un-targeted likes.
  • You don’t want to beg for ‘likes’
  • You don’t want any of that.

Number Two/Step Two - Run targeted Facebook page like ads

The second piece to this is to run targeted page likes.

Number two, number two, I’ve said this before. I keep forgetting I can’t actually clap because the microphone is right here in front of my hands and that’s very loud for you guys.

Number two, you need to post 4-6 times a day.

Every day. Every day.

That means what? Every day.

Not a few days on and then a few days or weeks off, not once or twice a day, not once or twice a week. You need to post 4-6 times every single day.

Every. Single. Day. I am going to say this over and over again. Every. Single. Day.

Use something like Edgar to create a posting calendar for you and to post for you and what Edgar does is it creates multiple versions of your post which is super awesome.

You can get that on there. It is hands down the best 3rd party scheduling tool that you can get.

Here’s the thing you need to post 4-6 times every single day.

Number Three - Write posts for your Facebook business page like you're texting your best friend

Alright, number three, write your Facebook post like you’re texting your best friend, okay?

Quit putting on that business hat and write your post like you actually speak. Like totally, this is about building a relationship with your audience. Be a real person. Share things spontaneously, in the moment, on the fly, in addition to your scheduled content.

Yes this is a part of your 4-6 posts but here’s the thing. Stop being “statement driven” and salesy for what you think professional is and start being a real human being.

I’ll tell you right now that you come off, all of you probably say something funny every once in a while, all of you are involved in different places, different things like for an example:

Now that I don’t do local stuff that much like I don’t have a local real estate page anymore, I don’t post a lot of local check-ins because I don’t actually need to, but the other day my husband and I went out to dinner and we went to a Mexican restaurant.

This Mexican restaurant was in the building that I started my real estate career in, like it was in the same office. In fact this building that this restaurant was in was built for our real estate company.

And I took a picture of the corner where my desk used to be and I was like “it’s been 24 years ago that I got my start here. It’s 23 years since I’ve been in this building. Now it’s a Mexican restaurant.”

I put that out there. It’s kind of going nuts. Now this was on my personal profile. If I had a local business page, if I was a local real estate agent, I would have put something like that on the business page.

The thing is I see so many of you putting, like canned crap from places like well, you know, vendors and you just post it out there. And when you say something, you make it all sound pretty, pretty instead of real.

Like you put something up and you’re like you don’t say that ceiling is grotesque oe if it is or you don’t say things like what you’re really thinking so it makes it look like it’s not a real person.

So you need to do your post exactly like you would texting your best friend.

Use emojis like talk like you would. Stop trying to be professional. It’s actually hurting you. It’s actually hurting you. That’s number three.

Number Four - be YOU! Stop trying to be like someone else.

Number four, you gotta be different.

What do I mean by different? You gotta be YOU.  

There is no one like you and if you think you need to act, look or be like someone else, why do you exist?

I don’t mean that in a negative way. If you can’t be you, if you can’t allow your unique personality to shine through or your unique style to shine through then don’t even bother because you need to be different and the only way to be different is to be YOU.  

Nobody can copy you. They can try but they can’t get away with it because they’re not you.

Seriously, your brand is you. That’s your brand.

Your brand is not a tagline. Your brand is not a logo. Your brand is not a color. Your brand is YOU.  

You are your brand, your unique selling proposition, you know your USP. It’s you, it’s you. You need to show it, not say it.

You need to show it through what you’re doing. Your business product, what you’re selling, your business is YOU. It’s not houses, it’s you. If it was houses are dispensable, you are not necessary.

When it’s you – you are not dispensable. You are absolutely necessary. Don’t be like a Star Trek character that you know when they get off the ship on the foreign planet or whatever it is, you know who’s gonna die because you don’t know their name, right?

So your business product is you.

  • Are you silly?
  • Are you nerdy?
  • Are you a mom?
  • Can you do Star Trek references like me?
  • Are you a grandpa?
  • Are you a nut about fitness?
  • Are you crazy about a Netflix show?
  • Share you. Be you.

Infuse your personality, infuse your weirdness, infuse every part of  what you’re doing with you. Stop trying to be who you think you should be on here.

I remember when I first got into real estate, my Dad is my mentor. He is amazing, amazing.

I am so thankful for that and one of the things, for a while he was wearing a suit coat and doing this kind stuff and he was really good, really good at real estate but what he found out was that he is not like those country club going people.

He’s just not. He wasn’t into wearing sports coats and suits, etc. So he was like you know I am going to wear and be who I am and wear what I want to be. This is what I am going to do and so he dressed nice, but he didn’t wear the suits and so the real estate agent general stuff didn’t like that because he didn’t “conform” but he was him. He kicked their butts in business because he was himself.

So what are you going to do? Are you conforming or are you transforming? Are you you? Be you. You must have haters in order to have lovers and what I found in real estate was that most of the people who didn’t like me in real estate were jealous colleagues.

Most of the people who didn’t like my Dad were jealous colleagues, flat out that’s what it was. So you need to be you because where you stand out you don’t conform.

Be YOU! 

Number Five - be engaging! Post to create interaction and conversation, not to broadcast.

Alright number five, be engaging. Be engaging. Don’t think that you’re creative? That’s fine. Then share viral posts every day.

What are viral posts?

Viral posts are posts that people have made, pages, different pages have made that have gotten 10x the reach of that page’s likes. How do you know what they are? I do a lot of research and I have access and I find them. So share viral videos, share viral photos, whatever, things that amuse you, interest you, etc.

Inside Leads and Leverage, absolutely I give viral posts every single week to our members because I know how to get them and I give them all to my members to use them and they help incredibly.

They help extend their reach especially when it’s something we ourselves find funny and interesting. It reveals our personality.
It reveals our sense of humor.

It reveals our likes and dislikes.

We have one member who is constantly razzing the cat lovers of the group because he is a dog lover so it’s really funny. He will share posts that he actually shares out on his page but he’s like “see a cat can’t do this.” And I’m like okay that is your personality shining through.

That’s your personality shining through so make sure you’re sharing that.

Who you are? What you’re doing? If you’re like, okay, I am not a Star Trek geek at all, like I like the new Star Trek movies but I didn’t watch and I remember the ones from either the 60’s or 70’s, you know with James T. Kirk or William Shatner. That’s who it was. See I don’t even remember.

I don’t go to Comic Cons or anything like that but I do remember that reference that I used earlier in this video about expendable. You always knew who was going to die because you actually didn’t know the character, right?

But I have seen every single episode of everything and I promise I’ve seen every single episode of everything related to Stargate, from the very first movie with James (I forgot his last name), Kurt Russell to the 10 years of SG1. I’ve seen that 4 times I believe, every single episode, 4 times to the 5 years of Stargate Atlantis to all three movies post series to Stargate universe to the brand new little web series now that they have on these.

Yeah so I am little bit of a Stargate freak. I don’t go to any of the Comic Cons, but that’s something people don’t really like. WHAT?!?!

Like shocker of me, I do have 4 boys and a husband that are kind of Stargate nuts but I have willingly watched them myself so that’s a piece of me I can share it in references, in different things that I do, etc.

You need to share who are. You need to be engaging and somehow let those thoughts that go through your head that you don’t actually put out in print -as long as they’re not mean – put them out in print, put them out there.

The Five Things + A Bonus

That’s 5 things but I actually have a bonus for you. I have a bonus for you today. I bet you could probably guess what it is.

So Number One is: Ask past clients and prospects and people who are likely to do business with you to like your page. Then run targeted page like ads.

That’s number one.

Number Two: Post 4-6 times every single day.

Number Three: Chit-chat on your page like you would chit-chat in text like literally post, when you write your Facebook post treat it like you’re writing a post to a friend.

You need to do that, stop being salesy and stop being “professionally”. Don’t do that.

Number Four: Be you.

Like seriously if you’re afraid people won’t like you, there’s two things to that whole thing.

If you can’t be you and you’re afraid people won’t like you, you’re either crazy insecure or you have found out a lot people don’t like you. So maybe you need to change something about you and I’m not talking about your likes and dislikes.

Maybe it’s your demeanor. Maybe it’s something like that. Maybe you’re mean. I don’t know but if you’re afraid people won’t like you, you need to get over that or go, well in the past most people didn’t like me.

Be real about this.If you’re having mental thoughts about this and this isn’t real and true then don’t do this. If people don’t like you, are you mean?

Like I find out why people don’t like me. They think I’m either I don’t deliver the message fast enough on here or I train too fast or I do this or I do that.

There is some stuff that I will adjust but I am not going to adjust who I am. I’m not going to adjust. Like I have written things “I believe in God” and I’ve shared that I do.

I’m not going to change that because somebody doesn’t and they’re offended by it. They can go elsewhere. They can go to someone else that doesn’t bother them.

I am not going to adjust the fact or change the fact that yeah, we own guns and we go shooting for sport. Absolutely, I am not going to change that because people think that’s horrendous.

I’m not going to because nothing I like or am interested in affects them. It’s my life but I am going to share pieces of who I am.

If we’re out shooting, skeet shooting or something I am going to share that. Because that is a part of me. That is part of what we like to do. It’s what’s fun. You know what I mean? You don’t want to take away from who you are but you also don’t want to be a mean little twerp that’s vigilant about just being mean.

You don’t want to do that. You want to be real. And you want TO BE YOU.

That is number four.

Number Five, Be Engaging. Viral posts, you need to have viral posts.

And What’s NUMBER SIX? Go live on your Facebook business page!

Yeah, I know but I said there was a bonus! Do you guys know what number six is?

It’s a bonus!

Most of you all, I guarantee you, 99.9% of you all are not gonna do this. You’re not going to to this but  it is the #1 way to explode and when I say explode, I mean explode your growth insanely.

In fact I have member in the group just messaged me today she has just started doing this in the last couple of weeks and it’s like taken off. She was struggling, struggling, struggling.  Now boom taken off. You know what it is?

You need to go Live twice a week. You need to go Live on your Facebook business page twice a week.  Now some of you all are going I don’t want to get in front of the camera.

Okay so I have, I will highlight 2 members here: One member, she is going in front of the camera. She gets on there, she answers questions, etc. but she is also going to different areas in her town and just doing a video and talking into it and sharing what is happening wherever it is.

I have another member who is taking a ton of pictures everywhere all over her area and she is turning 5 or 6 or 7 of those into short little videos at a time and putting those up. She’s not out in front of the video. Now she has been on other things but these are working.

So here’s the point: Go LIVE,  twice a week. Period. Go live twice a week. This will explode your growth.

Facebook loves Live video. Facebook wants to kick YouTube’s butt. You can help. You can ride that wave. You can do it.  

So like I said, there is 6 things, even though today was supposed to be 5! 

Let’s Recap This

Get page “likes” that are targeted.

Post 4-6 times a day.

When you write your post, be real. Write them like you’re writing to a friend, texting a friend, right?

Number four, be YOU. Stop hiding behind what you think the norm should be.

Number five, be engaging, share viral posts. You don’t have to be the creative on this.

And number six, go Live twice a week. Seriously you need to do this. This will explode your growth.

Now, here is an extra, extra bonus.

You can do any of these things you want  but if you do them randomly and you do not do them consistently you will fail.

It’s really interesting, I was reading; it’s upstairs in my room. I should have shared it but I am reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. Again, everything you do, all of your successes is about consistency and I know we think well if we don’t do this today then it’s just today I’m losing.

It’s not. If you are not consistent on your Facebook business page every single day, like every single day, you don’t just lose one day, you actually go completely backwards in momentum and you have to start again.

Here is the best analogy. He used this analogy and it is really great.

If you’ve ever pumped water from a well, ever, so some of you city folk have never done this. Some of you people have been out there and had to pump water from a well, right? If you’ve ever had to pump water from a well, it takes time. It takes a while to get the water coming out, right, so it takes work.

At first, it’s only a little dribble. Well a lot of you will work, work, work and won’t get to the dribble. A whole nother section of you will work, work, work and get to the dribble and go “is that it?” And then you’ll stop instead of keep going until you have a huge amount of water going. And some of you will get to the huge amount of water going and go oh that’s cool, and you’ll stop and you’ll lose it all and you got to start all over again whereas if you just maintained, you’ll keep going and going and going, right?

So consistency. It’s flat out you have to have consistency. Period.

So many of you just start and never even make it to the dribble. So many of you make it to the dribble and don’t make it to the onslaught. And then so many of you make it to the onslaught and then don’t keep going.

Results of All Six Steps

I’ve done it too, all of this, all 6 of these steps that I’ve talked about are all about consistency.

I’ve gone every single weekday in the month of August. I have gone live and answered questions for you. I am going to recap that. I am going to share what it’s done as far as our audience, as far as our list, as far as our business growth. I am going to share, everything, what it’s done.

Additionally I am going Live at least one more month in September, every weekday, because there are one or two traveling exceptions I have but because I know how Facebook’s algorithm works and they look at the last 30 days, so all of this work I am priming the pump. All of this work I have done for this next 30 days, the results, the real results are going to show in the next 30 and 60 days.

Now, that’s not the end of the results. I am just starting the dribble. I am just hitting the dribble right now. If I don’t keep going I won’t even get the full effect of the faucet, right?  If I stop, well you get it.

I am going to share what that’s done, etc. The numbers and everything, because it’s worth it.

Facebook, like video is huge, building relationships with people is huge. You need to do that and you need to be on video to do that but you need to be doing all these other too so you’re like “ahh yeah I need to do everything.”

I am also going to share with you in the next week or two, my basically business growth system in a box.

It is an overview of exactly what I do to create content which is build relationships, stuff to build relationships and to bring people in and how I repurpose it all so that I am not on all of these different channels and on all the different things on all these different times.  And how I am building that out.

I actually did an interview with Live streaming pros. They interviewed me and someone called it a “business growth system in a box” and I went “It is, isn’t it?”

So it’s content strategy. It’s content creation. It’s content re-purposing; all of it and it’s really easy because it’s only taking me an hour a day to do this; like all of it to get everywhere, to do the whole entire thing.

Super easy and it is my entire lead generation process. I’m going to share it all with you; results tomorrow and then next week and the week after and we’re going to go ahead and hit those.

What Was Most Useful For You?

Alright, if you have any questions, any comments, comment below and let me know.  Please let me know because I am answering your questions.

Now I need to know, out of the 6 of these that I just told you; I’m always going to ask you this….

  • What was most useful for you?
  • What stood out to you?
  • What do you need to do differently?  

Alright, I need you to share that with me and here’s why.  Not for me so much but for you. When you write something down and you identify it, you often take action to make those changes, right?

So I want you to write that down. Just write it down. Chat with me. Let me know. I’ll go deeper on different things.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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