on their Facebook business page in December
Do you struggle with getting engagement on your Facebook business page and do you also struggle with what goes on in your mind saying:
"Well I want engagement, I want reach, but how is that going to get me business?"

Let’s Talk About Engagement

Well today I am actually going to talk to you about how engagement on your page helps you actually grow your business and get you business.
What your favorite holiday tradition is. Doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate a holiday. What is your favorite December tradition?

We’re going to talk about why this matters.
And  I am going to kind of connect the dots for you today. To let you know why it matters and how it actually helps grow your business.

Alright Let’s Do This!

One of the things that we do is we get ourselves on Facebook and we try to run ads or we put up our page or we do this kind of stuff and we go “Ummm, well I don’t know how to connect and I’m not getting any ‘real leads’ and I’m not getting people who want to buy and sell right now” forgetting that we’re actually connecting with people for the very first time on Facebook and we’re not going to find people who are ready to put their trust in us.
Because we’ve done nothing to gain that trust and that’s what you need to do.
When you first meet someone in real life it usually takes a few minutes to at least start to establish trust. It takes a few minutes to start to have a connection.
Well your business page is that same thing except it’s people you don’t know and there is a crap-ton load of competition going on there so we’re going to talk about that today.
We’re going to go over the 19 posts and I am going to help you leverage these.
These are for December but I am going to help you leverage these so that you get the engagement that you need so that you can grow your business and I will make the connections for you today.

Why Would You Need to Create Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page?

Well there are a lot of really good reasons and I know people say likes doesn’t equal leads, engagement doesn’t equal leads, You’re right over all. There is no direct but there is an indirect.

#1 What Facebook Likes To See

Here’s how it works. When you get engagement on your page, people are engaging, commenting, liking, sharing with your posts, any of the posts on your page.
Facebook likes to see that. Facebook likes to see that people are engaging with your content.
This is a good thing because that means Facebook then takes a little bit closer look at your other pieces of content that you’re putting out and goes “okay, let’s push this out a little bit more.” so you get free reach, additional reach when you have engagement, a like, a comment  or a share or a page like, a message or whatever.
It doesn’t matter. Something on your page Facebook sees your page as more relevant so you must have engaging posts on your page in order to become relevant in the algorithm’s eyes.
That’s number one so Facebook likes it.

#2 – You’re Creating Audiences

What do I mean?
Well when you get engagement on your page, a comment, a like or a share, somebody posts on your page, somebody likes your page, somebody watches one of your videos, not a video you share but actually ones of your videos, any of those things those are all considered engagement and you can go into your ads manager and set up audiences for everybody who has engaged with your page in some way.
Whether they’ve watched a video or commented, clicked like, commented or shared on an ad, whether they’ve clicked, liked or commented or shared on a post. Any of those things. Whether they’ve liked your page, whether they just visited your page, whether they followed your page, you can set up audiences.

Your Goal on Facebook

Now your goal on Facebook is to grow that audience right there, that I just talked about so your goal is to grow the audience of people who have least had just one little bit of exposure to you whether it be through a post, a video, a page like, an ad doesn’t matter.
So that is your goal. That is the step. That is the step you’re working on building because when you build that audience, consider that a warm audience.

Your Ad Costs Will Drop 75%-80%

When you build that audience and you run your ads to that audience, your ad costs are going to drop by 75-80%.
Your ad responses, your results, your return, what’s going to happen, the actual opt-ins that you get you will increase. That is how you do it.
You build, The strategy is to build your audience on Facebook. Your website visitors can be in this audience. Your email list can be in this audience. These are all people who had at least one connection with you in someway over the last 180-365 days depending on where you set that audience.
So your goal is to build this audience because this audience builds the list.

Don’t Pay a Premium For Your Ads

If you’re just skipping ahead and just running ads out to cold traffic or out to zip codes or out to pin-drops or whatever, number one, you are paying an absolute premium for your ads.
Number two, you’re fighting every single every other agent and Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com and Zurple and Kunversion and Boomtown. You’re fighting all of them to jockeying  for that same position, however, if you learn how to build an audience first, like build the audience and then you run ads to that audience, there is no competition.
Like literally, that’s why your ad costs go down 75%-80%, because there’s virtually no competition because these are people who already recognize you. They’ve already engaged with you. They’ve started that trust process with you. That’s why you want to have engaging posts on your page.

If you’re just running ads, good luck with because here’s why.

There is $80 billion dollars in ad-spend right now that is not being spent on Facebook. It’s being spent on TV commercials, billboard ads like blank billboard ads, print advertising and these are by the big guys, okay?
And as they realize that “Oh my gosh, commercial costs have gone up, commercial views have gone down, everybody’s on Facebook during the commercial time periods, we need to be on Facebook” or “Gosh, people are paying $12 or $15 a month for commercial free Hulu.”  Yep, just did that, we finally went to total commercial free. We weren’t really using Hulu or they’re buying Netflix so they don’t have to watch commercials or they’re using Amazon Prime so they don’t have to watch commercials.
These big companies; we’re talking Nike, we’re talking Kleenex, Johnson and Johnson, we’re talking, I don’t know, whoever, like everybody else; car companies, everybody who runs commercials, right?
When they move that money and they’re starting to. When they move that money over to Facebook, which we’ve already seen this happening because ad costs are going up, it’s going to be impossible for you to run an ad because you’re not going to be able to.
It’s going to cost you $100 per opt-in instead of a $1 per opt-in, literally it’s going to cost you that.
So if you do not start focusing on building your audience now so that you can beat them at this game, in 18-24 months you’re going to be screwed.
You’re not going to be able to use Facebook and it is literally the place that you want to use to grow your un-mets for your real estate business.

Why 80% Of Your Posts Should Not be About Real Estate

So I am going to walk you through these 19 posts. These are highly engaging posts. They are all unrelated to real estate…like one of them is related to real estate.
Why would you do unrelated to real estate? Because you need to have at least 80% of what you on page should not be a sales pitch, should not be about real estate, should not be about any of these things that are selling stuff.
Because let me tell you right now, when you’re standing in front of a group of people and you’re having conversations, if you are monopolizing the conversation and saying, “Oh I just listed this house, blah, blah, blah. . .” “Oh I’m having an open house here” Oh new blog post!”  “Oh did you see this? We reduced the price on this” “Oh this won’t last long!”
That phrase is the stupidest one I’ve ever heard by the way especially when it’s on a house that’s been out there for 100 days or 200 days.
Anyway, all of that. Would you do that in real life?
No!! And if you would do that in real life, you don’t have very many people that will actually stand around and talk to you, do you? Like literally, you wouldn’t do that in real life so don’t do it on the internet.
It’s like you know all that bad, that negative people who are uncivil to each other on Facebook especially like because of politics and religion and all that kind of stuff.
Yeah don’t be that person.  You may not think you’re that person but if what you’re doing; is all you’re throwing out is your listings and your open houses and sell this and sell that and buy this and buy that and I’m desperate, please help me, I can’t make my car payment and on and on.
That’s what you come across as. You are literally the same person. You just think you’re kinder. You’re not.
You need to be focused on connecting with people. This is about relationships.

So we’re going to talk about these 19 highly engaging posts.

Post a Minimum of 4-6 Times Per Day

Nineteen posts that real estate agents should be posting on their Facebook business page in December. 80% of your posts should need to be not real estate and you need to be posting a minimum 4-6 times per day. The ideal is 5 times every day, every 24 hour period and what you post needs to relevant and interesting.
If you are literally just throwing up noise because you’re trying to get your quota of posts in, you’re killing you’re page. You’re killing your ability to actually convert people.
Here is what I mean by that.
If you are making noise on your page and people on your page aren’t liking it, then guess what?
Facebook doesn’t like it. If you’re constantly trying to get people off of Facebook, Facebook doesn’t like it, okay? So if you’re constantly doing that, Facebook doesn’t like that so that’s your page algorithm but here is the thing that we tend to ignore.
What we do on our page and how the algorithm sees our page directly affects our ad results.
If we have a page that the algorithm doesn’t like, people don’t like, the ads are going to be a lot more expensive and Facebook’s plain isn’t going to push out your ads. They’re just not because they want a platform.
Here’s the deal. Facebook wants a platform that people want to be on, be engaged in, be doing things in. That’s the platform that they want.
You can’t come onto Facebook and say I’m going to pay you this to run ads and the ads suck and the ads don’t engage anyone, the ads aren’t relevant, Facebook is not going to push them out. They don’t care. They are going to put you at the bottom of the list. You have to be doing this.
So now that you know that you need to be posting 4-6 times a day and that 5 is perfect and you can’t just post noise let’s kind of go over some of these posts. Let me explain them just a little bit.

Leveraging The Posts

There are different posts that you can put up and some of them are nice like National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
It’s from Canva but you will not run into copyright issues or somebody coming around later and trying to claim money because it’s through Canva. Canva has a very, very inexpensive option to purchase pictures. I even gave you the verbiage. Not on every single post but on about 10 or 11 of the posts, I even gave you the verbiage for that okay?
So these are all the special days that we have for December that you can leverage these posts.
If you are a Leads and Leverage member, for my members not only do I have all of this but I walked through the training for all of these posts and I walked through the training to teach you how to push some of these posts out pre-juicing them and having them go out so you get more.
I taught you how to get the people to actually come back to your page, etc. so that is all inside the membership for my Leads and Leverage members because this video is for them too.
And then also Leads and Leverage members, we’ve got all the December content, all the other 102 pieces of content for you and we have more ads coming out for December. I don’t have them out yet but I will by December 1st so as a member that’s all the stuff that’s in there.
For you guys watching on here who are not members, here are 19 posts to get you started.
The Traditions You Are Sharing

Alright so here’s the thing. All of these things you are sharing,
Alice says,
"Watching sappy Christmas movies."
Oh Alice….Hallmark movies and I have figured out ways to not have to pay for cable to watch the Hallmark channel. Also Amazon has a channel too.
Anne says
"Everyone coming over to decorate gingerbread houses."
"Looking at Christmas lights!"
Lori, you’re like my husband’s spirit animal, drinking wine. Absolutely that is my husband on there.
"Christmas morning with my kids and mimosas! "
I like mimosas and I love champagne. I tend not to drink wine later in the day so that sounded bad. I like champagne because it can be drank earlier in the day and I tend to not like to drink within a couple hours of bed because I don’t sleep well when I drink wine. I’ve figured my way around that.
Alright so now I started going into that, what I want to know is, I want you to do something.

Have You Asked This Question That I Asked You?

“What is your favorite holiday tradition?” Have you asked it on your business page?
Super simple. What is your favorite holiday tradition and then share yours in the comments of your post.
Melanie says, “Hallmark Movies Now? Genius! I’m sharing this on a post” Yes, share it on a post! I love Hallmark movies now. It’s great. Also there is a Hallmark channel on Amazon that you can subscribe to for like $5 a month. It’s very inexpensive so yeah I love this.
Have you shared?
Have you asked people what their favorite holiday tradition is??
Yeah, on your page. As you think of these different things, you have amazing holiday traditions. I love these, I love all the different things you’ve shared. This is really great.
So yes, Melanie that is perfect, “Where do you hide your kids’ presents?” Yeah, that’s a good one,. Questions are a really, really, really, really good way to engage your audience.
Number one, they’re a good way to engage your audience. They’re a good way to get to know people and if you ask the right questions that are things like you know that they’re like “haha I do this or I do that, whatever” that they’re easy for people to answer quick and easy or they’re fun for people to answer.
You can even do polls things like “Elf on Shelf Yes or No” and you can make it funny with a GIF “yes or no” options. Those kind of things are really, really good on your page.
So start with these 19 posts, 19 different posts I’ve given you and then move onto questions.

Use These Same Posts Next Year

And then next December use these same posts. Don’t try and be creative all the time. Use the stuff that worked the previous year for the next year.
Set yourself up a calendar note or something so that you remember and come back through and go, “Oh, I already have these. I’ve already done these.” It’s easy so as you build it each year it gets easier and easier and easier.

 Written by Christina Ethridge - the founder of Leads and Leverage, helping overwhelmed business owners eliminate the marketing chaos and get more customers. Simplify your marketing & bring in more sales. 
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